Pre-N vs MIMO vs Good-old 802.11g

  skaria 17:43 01 Jul 2006

Dear all,

I am in need of buying a new wireless + wired Modem Router, and have discovered two new technologies have emerged since I last bought my 802.11g router.

I was wondering what is the difference between

MIMO and Pre-n

The Belkin Pre-N modem router I have found has both MIMo and Pre-N technology, but I have heard that the Pre-N router is still in a b eta stage, and will not be compatible when it is finally released to a greater extent.

Could you please advise me on which modem router i could buy, with either Linksys or belkin (or any other manufacturer which you fell suitable).

i have currently found click here which looks quite good.

Could anyone please guide me?

Thanks in Advance


  Nazzarenu Boy 19:00 01 Jul 2006

you will better if you dont buy anything unt the 802.11n standard will be realesed and all the cards and stuff will be compatible with each other. Better wait and get better stuff unless you have lots of money to spend off.

  Minkey1 13:09 03 Jul 2006

It's horses for courses. The pre-N kit may or may not be totally compatible with the final version of 802.11n due, I think, next year. Meanwhile you can get proprietary variants on 11g now using MIMO (multiple In/Out aerials) to get up to 240Mbs, great for streaming video and moving large files around. Internet browsing won't need anything like this as the common maximum's these days are still only 8-10 meg.

I use Netgear's RangeMax 240 Wireless Router click here , really because our ISP, Telewest, nominate Netgear as their preferred solution. It's expensive though, as again you need matching adapters to make best use with it, but it works well and I'm pleased with it.

It'll certainly do me till 11n is out and well settled down with established kit, although I'm not sure what more I'll need to do, more than now. Maybe simultaneous streaming video across multiple machines ? I don't know.

If you need new kit now I'm sure the Belkin would do fine but there is just that slight question mark about compatability with the final ratified 11n protocol. That's only an issue though if you're likely to need to buy more kit i.e. add more connections after next year. If you're able to buy all matching kit now and your network won't need to grow the Belkin'll probably be fine.

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