prblem with broadband connection

  david1940 18:56 16 Nov 2007

I am with usung a speedtouch 330 usb modem.
Over the last 2 or 3 weeks the connection would drop intermitantly but finally became permanent and I can now only connect to the internet by plugging the modem into the BT test socket behind the face plate.
I have to use a 10m extension cable as the pc is upstairs and the BT box is behind the front door (when it is open)
I can make and receive phone calls from all of the phone sockets in the house including the one on the front of the face plate on the BT main box but not connect to the internet.
The modem adsl light flashes when connected to any of these sockets but is stable when connected to the test socket.
I have had an ex BT engineer look at all the phone sockets and renew the face plate and he is stumped.
I and he cannot understand why the phone works on theses slaves but not my b/b connection.

Any suggestions AND an explanation would be most welcome.

  woodchip 18:59 16 Nov 2007

Are you using ADSL filters? the one you are using may have developed a fault

  howard64 19:48 16 Nov 2007

this sounds like a short between 2 terminals which is removed when you use the test socket. Have you disconnected the wire that used to be needed in terminal 3? With the microfilters all sockets only need to have the wires in terminals 2 and 5 only. If these are still connected remove them from all the sockets in the place and it might get rid of the short.

  david1940 20:43 16 Nov 2007

i've swapped the filters around but it makes no difference.

Howard 64
Do you mean just the master box or all of the other phone sockets too?
Will removing the wires from 3 and 4 have any affect on the phones?

  Cockney Rebel 21:22 16 Nov 2007

Sounds like your main bt box is what they call an NTE5.Xtns are run from the face plate.If you do not connect the wire on no 3 any phone that is plugged in to that xtn will not ring.You do not need to connect on no 4 for an xtn.As howard has said there appears to be a fault in your xtn wiring somewhere.

  Dipso 22:57 16 Nov 2007

If you have an NTE5 click here it is safe to remove wire 3 and provided a filter is used at that socket the phone will still ring click here

  birdface 01:00 17 Nov 2007

Now the daft ones.Thread on here a while back,Chap was just like you.kept getting cut off and very slow download speeds,It was his telephone,You know the ones you can use it anywhere in the house,The batteries were nackered,He put new batteries in and it worked Ok,Took him a fortnight to work it out,Other chap had the same problem his phone was either set to call divert or answerphone,And I am sure there are more out there that have had different problems.Its just silly little things like that,that you do not suspect.Which can take a while to sort.Anyhow I hope you get it fixed.

  david1940 12:58 17 Nov 2007

Thanks to you all, especially Buteman's DAFT ONES.
I have discovered, having unplugged EVERY electrical item in the house, I can connect to the internet from ANY phone point.
Plugging each item in, checking for a maintained connection,, then turning the item on and checking again, I have found that the problem is with my DVD player. As soon as I turn it on the internet connection fails.
Turn it off and the adsl light on the modem is stable and I can connect.
Why should this be? any suggestions?
ps all the running up and down stairs has ruined me for the day!

  birdface 13:11 17 Nov 2007

There you go.Expect the Unexpected.Well done a great bit of detective work.10 out of 10 for effort.I suppose you could plug something else into that plug just to see if it is faulty.Or just leave it while your computer is working Ok. Good luck.

  woodchip 13:58 17 Nov 2007

No but this is what Igot the other day, Sat with WiFi Laptop on knee and using it to brows internet. 32ins LCD TV turned of twice, then 7 day program came up on it's own. So it goes to show expect the unexpected

  Dipso 15:36 17 Nov 2007

I found my new DVD player was affecting my wifi signal and found I had to change the channel to get around this, so they clearly throw out some form of interference.

Is your DVD player located near to the master socket or the router? Is relocating an option?

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