Practicalities of hyperlinks and very big pictures

  Incony 23:46 11 Nov 2006

Hi Folks, Incony has a personal website, its pretty basic.
In the family history section ive created a rather big picture...20000 pixels wide. It is my family tree. The whole thing in one picture. Why, i hate going from page to page, when moving the mouse allows me to scan across and move around the information, up, down, left and right etc..

Getting web page software that deals effectively with such big pictures? any suggestions?

Right now.. anyone who looks at the source, will see that ive had to manually create hyperlinks to particular points , as i get information collated. MS Publisher cant deal with it.. if i load the web page into it.. it gets scrambled, all the info one on top of another.. I cant figure out how to get MS word Web page to deal with such a big image either.. it shrinks it...

So i do it all, i create the basic page in MS Word, then manually , by editing it myself, finding anything that works..i discovered how to manually put in hyperlinks at particular set points.. its a little laborious but it works..

Anyone who has some constructive input, rather than "just use standard web pages and smaller pictures" would be appreciated..:)

  IClaudio 19:24 12 Nov 2006

what's wrong with 'standard web pages and smaller pictures'? I realize I'm not being constructive...

  PurplePenny 20:33 12 Nov 2006

Don't use Word to write a web page: it isn't built for that. I don't quite follow what your problem is but it might be solved by getting some proper web creation software like Frontpage or Nvu (to name but two).

  Incony 21:15 12 Nov 2006

ICLaudio ...neither are you appreciated...:)

I thought i put a link in, but obviously not, i apologise.

click here

If you look at the source, you can see i have had to do some working out as how to place the hyperlinks, its a little tedious..

href="click here">
<img style ="position:absolute; TOP:8620px; LEFT:5780px;" src='click here' border='0'></a>

but its a big picture, ive not found a better way yet to deal with it, hence the topic.

Word works fine as a simple web page builder,but cant deal with a 20000 pixel wide pic, im not looking to sell, ive no mass of click links, and i dont need flash graphics - ha except my own for me,like the Chill radio link i made on my front page Thats an animation i made, i make simple ones like that.

If you look at click here i made the anims in that too. They are made for nothing, using jpeg sourcing, and animation shop and psp.
Word made those web pages.. or Publisher. or stuff i source from the web itself, basic html.
The reason i want everything simple is why wait for fancy graphics and backgrounds to load, its my page.. i live with it, ive no one to impress.

I just thought there might be a simple way to do what i`m having to work out manually.

  Incony 21:17 12 Nov 2006

and i`m sorry.. but PC Advisor.. your auto web linking sucks.. look what its done to my html reference... laughs.

  PurplePenny 22:05 12 Nov 2006

No animations when viewed with Firefox. You used Publisher for those pages: the code is terrible!

I don't know whether Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Nvu or other web software would do what you want but they are more likely to than Word or Publisher. I don't understand why tou are so hostile to the idea of using the right tool for the job.

  Incony 22:34 12 Nov 2006

Purple Penny, i`m sorry if i sound hostile.. i apologise. i`m not hostile...

so far.. since my original post, which for some reason, PC Advisor didnt keep the link that i am sure was there.. :) in five more posts one has made any suggestion if there was a simpler way to do hyperlinks on non standard web pics.. like i am trying to do.. is really the centre point of the whole topic..

FrontPage is about to be finished with.. Microsoft are right now giving out a beta on a new web page designer to overtake it.

Dreamweaver is expensive.. its why i dont make Flash stuff yet either.

and i dont use firefox, im sorry you cant see the anims.. get IE it works.

and yes the code sucks.. i`m not a web page designer.. its all pieced together.

now.. if anyone knows a program that can deal with big pics....20000 pixels wide and 3000 pixels high.. rather than working out the pixel position manually for the hyperlinks.. im listening.

  Z1100 00:30 15 Nov 2006

something like PS Editor 4. That will handle the picture and then it can be 'saved for the web' and maybe then when it is embedded in MS Pulisher it will behave as you want it to.


  Incony 19:28 15 Nov 2006

FM, its not stupid.. I said in the first post the reason i dont want standard web pages, is because i do not like hopping from page to page to page backwards and forwards, when i can just mouse across the picture.. It is one picture, it will print as one picture.

The hyperlinks will take one deeper, and then yes.. page to page..

The reason the font is 24 right now.. is as you say, reducing allows one to fit more in.
I perhaps will keep this picture going another 15 years,and the youngest members and branches of the tree ive yet to collate and expand..McKane for example.. will require space.

The font will get smaller, the picture will not, it may get bigger.

i have thought about maps. Ive only got one freeware map maker right now.. Map This.. its dated, Perhaps you could suggest a better freeware web page map editor.?

In particular, i am still an MS Agent fan,and the main reason i use IE. i would really be interested in using good old Merlin to assist in guidance and help. I use him as a simple messenger, assistant right now, from time to time, on my Palace site, i found a way to make the web page he appears in when he is called to be small or even invisible... which allows one to continue seeing the picture or program you want him involved in. That was enabled by setting the transparency of the complete page or its size.

Example 1:
click here

Example 2 : this makes IE Pages transparent and non transparent, these sre the extremes, since one can set the transparency to any level. The reason? i just use it so Merlin apears without a full web page.. it means i can use him to work with any program that allows him to be called, by an htm address.

click here

click here

save these to your desktop,
when you have IE running PC advisor for example.. open transparent.exe and pc advisor page will dissapear.. its still there, just transparent. you will need to open nontransparent to bring it back.

Z1100, Thanks, i only use Publisher and Word, simply because they are what i have, i didnt need to spend any money to use them.

But i do thank you both for considering this... i am not about to let it go..:)

Laughing, no doubt the next question will be, why am i using transparent web pages..:)

  Incony 21:45 11 Jan 2007

Since i started this topic, i have been using Panoramic 360 degree viewers, and so far i have to recommend two, PTviewer and WPanorama, both free, well configured and supported.

It has inspired me to look into using PTviewer to deal with the very large image, it can deal with hotspots, and the controls are extensive and well documented.

  Incony 14:11 13 Jan 2007

PTviewer has enabled me to use a smaller size image and still have the pan ability, using the hotspot features it has will be more complicated than positioning a hyperlink, since ive not found a way yet to get a web page hyperlink configured. It can link to another picture, loading it in the viewer, but not exit to a web page like a hyperlink does, is as much as ive been able to do so far.

The current example can be seen here:

click here:

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