PPTX Viewer

  rossgolf 17:59 13 Jul 2008

i am going to be giving a presentaion whcih has been made using office 2008. its in the PPTX format and at school we dont have office 2008. i cant just save as a PPT because then the theme of the powerpoint wont work as normal
so...is there a free standalone PPTX viewer.


  Simsy 18:05 13 Jul 2008

However, note that it is JUST a viewer... you cant edit the file with this.

click here



  rossgolf 19:59 13 Jul 2008

sorry i forgot to add that i cant install anything on school computers so it needs to be able to run off of a usb stick.

  Simsy 20:39 14 Jul 2008

OpenOffice Portable

This is a portable version of OpenOffice that you intall to a USB stick.

You may have the same problems as with Powerpoint, but it'll cost you nothing to try!

Good luck,



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