powertoys equivalent for Vista?

  keith mac 18:09 04 May 2009

I'm getting too many optional 'new' items (from installed software) when I right click using Vista.

In XP I always used Power Toys (?) Tweak UI and could disable items 0n the Templates page - dead easy.

Is there anything which works in Vista?

Not registry hacks thanks.

  Clapton is God 18:13 04 May 2009

Not an 'official' MS Power Toy for Vista but click here

  keith mac 20:49 04 May 2009

Followed the link and on the home page it says "Called Elevate Command PowerToy. Essentially it allows you to run as administrator programs and command prompts. This gives you the proper privileges in case you are getting UAC issues when running simple commands or accessing certain system files in Windows Vista"

I don't want what it's offering in the above description and I can't see if it will do what I mentioned in my enquiry. Have you tried it for that?

I don't want to waste time and effort if it can't do what I need....

  Sea Urchin 21:17 04 May 2009

There is now TweakUI for Vista

click here

  keith mac 08:18 05 May 2009

thanks urchin

I'd seen this on a web search. I'll give it a go as there doesn't appear to be anything else.

fingers crossed....I'll let folks know later

  Graham. 09:06 05 May 2009

Tools, Software Explorer. Here you can disable programs from starting at startup.

  keith mac 10:24 05 May 2009

It's not StartUp items I need to disable - I do that with SpyBot etc

The file extensions offered are a nuisance when all I want is a new folder

Tweak UI for Vista isn't a patch on PowerToys for XP and didn't do what I wanted.

  Sea Urchin 10:39 05 May 2009

Have a look at running TweakUI for XP on Vista (third paragraph)

click here

  keith mac 11:55 05 May 2009

Thanks for the suggestion but I don't know where that's gonna take me - it's Vista I need to re-configure and I can't see how running in XP compatability mode would work when MS say that Tweak UI for XP doesn't work in Vista.

I'm concerned I'll waste a lot of time and effort and maybe break something - similar things have happened to me before!

And Vista System restores can take forever...

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