Powerquest Partitionmagic - Patch to version 8.01

  busybaz 12:15 25 Mar 2004

Installed partitionmagic 8.0 on new windows 2000 system but cannot run prog - error message "error #1874 configuration file not found"

Google search seems to indicate answer is to download patch to version 8.01. All the recorded Powerquest links for this patch now eventually lead to Symantec pages, & they only seem to have version 7.0!!

Anyone have the patch or any ideas?

  leo49 14:40 25 Mar 2004

If all else fails I've got the patch on file, it's 12.15mb zipped.

  busybaz 15:44 25 Mar 2004

Manythanks for the quick responses. Already tried the suggested reinstall from the link, no joy & 12.15mb is a too large for email. What next?

  JerryJay 16:09 25 Mar 2004

Symantec bought Powerquest, just hope they do not make a mess with Partition Magic.

  leo49 17:58 25 Mar 2004

How big's your mailbox,busybaz? If you go to

click here

you can open a junkmail account with a free 15mb mailbox and I could send it there.

Or do you have a Yahoo ID? If so I could split it with HJSplit and put the bits in my Briefcase.

  busybaz 21:43 25 Mar 2004

leo49 - Thanks for the offer. Don't know the size of mailbox (have you tried finding anything on the NTL site?!!!!) so have fired a query to them -do not hold your breath!

Suppose you need to know capacity to determine what size to split files to - watch this space or do I mail you direct?

  leo49 22:58 25 Mar 2004

Get in touch direct and we'll sort it out.

  JerryJay 23:22 25 Mar 2004

If you want big mail space, you could try lycos click here.

Another way is both of you get to msn messager and transfer file from there.

  busybaz 12:40 28 Mar 2004

Patch received & installed, prog now working. Manythanks

  busybaz 12:40 28 Mar 2004

Patch received & installed, prog now working. Manythanks

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