Powerquest drive image 7 cont...

  scooby43 09:47 20 Mar 2004

hi all just another question what do I need to do when i put the cd in at boot up as it loads something called callibra then once its done stays on a prompt [DR-DOS] a:

I am not sure where to go from there to load my image.

  scooby43 15:55 20 Mar 2004

anyone done it

  woodchip 16:12 20 Mar 2004

Type DIR/P and it will show whats on the disc page at a time. You are or should be looking for the Program .EXE file to run, on my floppy disc it is PQDI so you could try type at the Prompt a:\PQDI and press enter if that does not work then change to the CD drive letter and try again

  scooby43 16:39 20 Mar 2004

thanks for the reply chip ill let you know how it goes oh one other thing when I got that message above and typed : and enter it went onto another line with A and seemed to be stook and I couldnt type anything do you know what I might have done

  woodchip 18:00 20 Mar 2004

try Alt C if not just reboot The Path as to Be A:\ for the floppy or I think a Iomega drive So it would be

A:\PQDI and press enter

  scooby43 20:36 22 Mar 2004

oh I am booting from the cd at start up confused

  scooby43 15:59 30 Mar 2004

I tried that dir/p which works but then goes back to a then does not let you type again have to restart start

  woodchip 15:57 31 Mar 2004

You just press enter for another page

  scooby43 09:06 05 Apr 2004

ok wood chip sorry I am taking so long to reply been busy ill give that a go.. how would I find out which is my hard drvie that has my image on and then load it.

  woodchip 15:24 05 Apr 2004

You have to use the CD for Change Directory if just changing the Dive letter does not work, but If you can start PQDI then there is a Browse in the program just like windows. That's why I said to start with the PQDI CD it should start the Program when it boots from the PQDI CD. Failing all the above just load Re-Windows then load PQDI then restore the Image file from the CD and it will overwrite the Windows Directory with your Image file. don't forget to load it to the same directory you made it, i.e. C:\ or what ever

  scooby43 21:57 05 Apr 2004

thanks woodchip for replying so quickly I had thought about that if all else fails to reinstall windows and then load the image that way.

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