Powerpoint Problem

  Unclekev 13:13 22 May 2006

I am using a Dell inspiron laptop and a Dell LCD projector for Slidshows using Powerpoint. The projector is configured as the secondary monitor. There is a USB connection between the pc and the monitor to enable slide advancement (page up/down) using the projector remote. The problem I have is that the remote will only advance the "notes" page on the primary monitor and not the slides on the secondary monitor. Can the setup be configured to advance the slides on the secondary monitor (projector) using the remote? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.

  ghm101 13:48 22 May 2006

In powerpoint open your presentation
Go to "Slide Show"\ "setup show"
a dialog opens where, amongst other things, you can set settings to do with multiple monitors. set that to "Monitor 2"

  Unclekev 12:43 24 May 2006

Thanks ghm101. Was able to do that and get slideshow on monitor2 but cannot get slides to advance on monitor 2 using page up/down buttons on remote control only from keyboard. Works Ok with single monitor set up. It's quite possible that this cannot be done. Thanks again for your response.

  ghm101 12:58 24 May 2006

I have never had much success with the USB connectors from projectors, never bothered to sit down and make em work I guess. I just use the laptop controls

Un plug the usb thing in case it is interfering with standard mouse functions. (this could easily be a wild goose chase but try to get it to work the most uncomplicated way first)

Anyhoo...I just did a little test in my Outlook 2003 and displaying the thing on Monitor 2 works for me.

There are a couple of other settings on the SET UP SHOW screen that are worth investigating:

1. Advance Slides - set to manual

2. Multipule Monitors - Tick "Show Presenter View"
This should give you a summary of the Presentation you can use on your Laptop screen whilst the main show runs on the projector, it includes some controls.

It might also be worth just making a very brief new ppt with just some test text and trying that. this would determine if there is some other property of your presentation that disables the mouse in some way.

  Unclekev 09:38 01 Jun 2006

ghm101, You were right about the wild goose chase. The remote operates the PAGE UP & PAGE DOWN keys "remotely". The keys I need to operate remotely are the UP & DOWN arrow keys to advance the slides on monitor 2. To try to change software do this is a hell of a lot more hassle if even at all possible than it would be worth. The remote is now back in the box and the keyboard will be used from now.

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