Powerpoint help please

  cherria 21:45 02 Mar 2003

Here's one for any powerpoint experts out there.

Noticed a small but very annoying problem with Powerpoint 2000 tonight.

If you use the guides to measure a specific distance (20cm say) then draw an autoshape to match the guides positions, the actual size of the autoshape comes out at about 21.2cm. This is the size that the shape properties have and is also the size it prints.

This means that there is a discrepancy between sizes reported by the guides and those reported by the shape size property.

Very annoying if you're trying to draw some floor plans.

Has anybody ever noticed this before and is there a way to syncronise the measurements in powerpoint?

  misters 21:55 02 Mar 2003

Press SHIFT as you drag the guide to where you want to stop measuring.
The number you see is the precise distance between the objects.

  cherria 09:46 03 Mar 2003


This is my problem. If I press shift and measure out 20cm using the guide then draw a square to fit in that area, the size of the square is 21.6cm as reported by the format autoshape dialogue box and when I measure it once printed.

The guides are not giving me the real size.

  jazzypop 12:48 03 Mar 2003

Can you work in Imperial, not metric? MS decided to redefine the size of a centimetre (hey, we don't use that strange metric system, so it's not a problem, right?).

See click here for details

  cherria 14:34 03 Mar 2003

In the immortal words of one J McEnroe...

"You CANNOT be serious"

Thanks, 6% is exactly what I worked it out as being wrong by. What's really strange is that the 'grid' does not apply to the size of a shape. If yuo say make this square 10cm by 10cm, that is the size it prints as.

Oh well, who uses metric anyway, back to poles, fathoms and chains for me then.

  monkon 14:10 21 Mar 2003

i have recently started using powerpoint xp and for the life of me i cannot figure out how to create a pack n go presentation. ppviewer97 doesnt seem to like working with office xp and i cant figure out another way to package all my files that are linked to the presentation. is there a ppviewer xp or is there another solution to my problem. I am trying to design a package that can be posted as a website, used as email or burned to a disc and sent through the post. Email and website i have covered but the other option is beyond me. my package includes email hyperlinks will these work with pack n go

  cherria 14:52 21 Mar 2003

You should really have started a new thread but here is a link to the Powerpoint 97, 2000, 2002, XP viewer on the MS site

click here

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