powerpoint attachment will not open

  Eileanbeag 10:52 22 Apr 2011

I have received an email which should open in Powerpoint but get error message: PowerPoint can't read C:\Users\Margo\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\content\IE\03ZZILPS\Seven Wonders.pps - any help would be appreciated - email not important but would like to know the answer to the problem

  Terry Brown 10:56 22 Apr 2011

Ask the person who sent it to resend it again, as it may have an error, or you could try the Open With command and do an search online for programs to open it. Terry

  Sea Urchin 16:46 22 Apr 2011

Presumably you do have Powerpoint installed? Try right-clicking the link and Save to Desktop - then see if it will open from there.

  Eileanbeag 18:13 22 Apr 2011

Yes have tired that and I do have Powerpoint

  johnnyrocker 19:51 22 Apr 2011

the mail adress sounds like it is a link to senders own pc and not the intended message?


  Woolwell 21:15 22 Apr 2011

Are you using Outlook Express or another e-mail client to open this.

Is the OS XP?

pps is a powerpoint show. With XP you can have problems viewing pps files.

See pps snags

1]: http://ask-leo.com/comments_002244.php and [unable to open pps files in xp

  Woolwell 21:17 22 Apr 2011
  Terry Brown 09:32 23 Apr 2011

Just a thought, Is the operating system on your computer the same as your friends.

If you are using (e.g.) XP and he/she are using Window 7 (or VisaVersa), that may be the problem.

Save the attachmentand then try downloading Picassa (google),This can read virtually any graphic file on your system.



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