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  P_Ghost5 09:53 29 Apr 2004

got a client that wants to import all photos off a sony cybershot P8 straight into a presentation... the cam does not get seen as a camera but as a external drive. Does anyone know a way in which he can take a whole bunch of photo's off his cam or pc and put them straight into a presentation (so that 1 pic per slide)
Would appreciate any help or advice here

  sdf 12:37 29 Apr 2004

I'm not certain about this but it sounds like the client is using win XP, and the camera uses compact flash (or similar removable media). If the way that cam works is acts as a card reader, then surely your client could just insert the pics in the way you would from any other source but specify the source as the drive letter assigned to the cam/card? have I got the wrong end of the stick here?

  scotty 12:38 29 Apr 2004

Don't know of a way to do this in Powerpoint. Can only insert pictures from a file individually.

Can only suggest that Powerpoint is not the application to use. If your client only wants to create a slide show of individual pictures, I would suggest using the features included in a program such as Irfanview.

  sdf 12:52 29 Apr 2004

or leading on from scotty's comment (if the client is using XP) MS photo editor (if they do not have any other software) which is built into windows will do a slide show

  P_Ghost5 13:02 29 Apr 2004

Thank you for the reply. I could also only get 1 pic at a time. He wants to make a quick and easy presentation by taking 50 or so photos and putting them straight into a presentation but has to be a .ppt file. MS knowledge base hasn't helped much either so there does not seem to be a way, through powerpoint that is ;-(

  P_Ghost5 11:30 30 Apr 2004

Hey all just for future reference... 2000 does not give you the option. office xp alows you to insert all photo's at once. just thought i would say so
thanx for the help

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