Powerline adapters on ring mains

  terrygoody 16:19 18 Oct 2016

I have read somewhere that power line adapters are not reliable on separate ring mains (eg separate rings for upstairs and downstairs). Is this true for any or all; are there any that will work properly on separate rings (same consumer unit).

Thank you.

  wee eddie 17:00 18 Oct 2016

As far as I know they are only limited by the Utilities Company Fuse Box

  kfm 17:07 18 Oct 2016

I use TPlink powerline adapters. I have one on the upstairs ring main connected to my Homehub and two on the downstairs ring main, one connected to my Sky box and one to my TV. Now and then I have to relink them but otherwise they work fine

  Forum Editor 17:08 18 Oct 2016

Your information is substantially correct. In this country, most homes have at least two ring main circuits, and to work efficiently and reliably powerline adapters need to be plugged into the same circuit.

You'll probably get them working on two separate circuits, but not reliably enough to be your only networking solution. An ideal arrangement is to run both WiFi and powerline systems in the same house. You'll get a bandwidth boost from the powerline system, and a more reliable connection from WiFi.

  Newuser939 18:18 19 Oct 2016

I have found in practice that whilst they will work on seperate ring mains, they lose a lot of speed. They work far better on a single ring (at least for me).

  Forum Editor 18:28 19 Oct 2016


Yes, that is the experience of most people.

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