Powerline adapter for gaming. Do I need a gigabit connector or just a standard ethernet?

  GrimNir 18:02 26 Mar 2014

I have BT Infinity, I get roughly 44mbps download and a ping of 24 when wired. Wirelessly ping can vary form 48 best to 300!

Wireless gaming is inconsistent to both a PC and an xbox - I think my neighbors wifi boosters knock out my signal when he turns it on.

So I'm looking at a powerline adapter set up. PC advisor recommends a ZyXel version with only ethernet connection, the ethernet 10/100 connector limits actual transfer rates too a maximum of 100mbps even though capable of 500mbps due to the connection port. Alternatively and more expensive they do a gigabit connection port version, which in theory can do up to the full 600mbps it claims. But is this over kill? The PC Advisor review just looked at HD TV and movie streaming it never mentioned gaming. Do I need/want the extra speed for gaming? Would I notice a difference between the £25 100mbps limited 10/100 ethernet port and the £48 600mbps gigabit ethernet port?

Plus I want an additional plug so the 660mbps version comes up a lot more expensive - but if its that much better for gaming I'll get it. However is it? Or is it just over kill?

I'd really appreciate some opinions please as I have no idea and the more i read via google the more confused i seem to be getting.

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