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  powerless 01:01 11 Jan 2005

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Well this is what I've been working on for the last few months or so and hopefully I won't have to tell you what it is about.

As it should speak for itself...hopefully.

Thanks to everyone by the way.

  Forum Editor 01:27 11 Jan 2005

well done - I can see that a lot of hard work has gone into this. The colour scheme is perfect in my opinion, and the layout is clear and easily understood - an excellent illustration of how less can be more.

Ready for a couple of nit-picks?

1. You haven't put a copyright claim at the bottom of your pages - not essential, but highly desirable.

2. On a site that is (at the moment)predominantly about Windows software I would advise you to acknowledge the Micorosoft trademark specifically. "Windows® is a trademark of Microsoft corp." - something like that - placed at the bottom of any page that contains the word Windows and/or screenshots.

3. I only looked at the slipstream guide but on that page the text is too tight to the image border. Looking at your code you have both the cell padding and spacing set at 0 and I think your page would look less tense if you increase these settings. Experiment, but I think you may find there's an improvement if you set both at 3 or 4.

4. There's no 'Home' button on the inside pages - essential in my opinion. Visitors feel disorientated if they have to rely on the back button.

An excellent site - I wish you well with it. Where's the link to our forum?

  Djohn 01:50 11 Jan 2005

Powerless. Although I've known about it for a while now and had a few sneak previews, the finished job looks really good, very refreshing and a credit to you. ;o)

  Taran 02:31 11 Jan 2005

Very, very nice.

Well done indeed.

  PurplePenny 14:47 11 Jan 2005

You don't need the "Best viewed in ...." statement because it looks good in Opera and Firefox too (1280 x 1024) :-)

  powerless 21:14 11 Jan 2005

FE - 1 and 2 - easily done.

3 - I see what you mean and i tried having a go at it, changing the table properties right? I can make the changes but the text is still as it was, up to the image. Where am i going wrong?

4 - I'm thinking on the top left image as 'Home'?


PP - Oh well when i viewied it in FF and opera and generally good but a few places it was "out a little".

  Taran 21:07 12 Jan 2005

I actually prefer a live link to the page you are on.

Sometimes a page fails to load fully for one or another reason and I like the ability to click a page icon or link rather than go looking for my browser refresh or having to type in the refresh key combination.

I rather prefer the idea that most people would use Guides, Guide One, Guide Two etc in the event that there is more than one page to that section of the site. I have to admit that some don't though.

Navigation is a minor minefield in that regard.

  powerless 00:28 16 Jan 2005

So would the following be "ok"?

Copyright © 2005 simplyguides . net
All rights reserved.
"Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries."

click here

  Graham ® 17:27 16 Jan 2005

Dunno if this link will work

click here

Under re-installation of XP, there is a typo - how to boot from the BIOS. Should be CD.

  powerless 21:02 16 Jan 2005


  Graham ® 21:28 16 Jan 2005

I did a typo, should have been 'Repair of XP'.

Like the site, could turn out to be a one-stop-shop for click here!

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