Powering off your ADSL Modem

  cocteau48 09:04 16 Nov 2007

I have often read and have always subscribed to the theory that disconnecting your broadband connection by just powering off your modem can lead to the exchange reading this as some form of unintentional disconnection - assume that there is a bandwidth problem - and reduce your download speed to try and compensate.
However I have also read that while this is true it only applies to ADSL MAX.
Can anyone clarify which is correct?

  FatboySlim71 09:29 16 Nov 2007

I DO NOT switch my Modem/router off, for the reason been that when I do my line sync drops from the maximum 7150 to 6500, granted it goes back up again, but this can sometimes take a day or so. If I were you I would leave it switched on and avoid if possible switching it off.

  cocteau48 10:04 16 Nov 2007

I do leave mine on 24/7 whenever possible but have noticed that on those rare occasions when my bandwidth is down about 500 - disabling the connection and powering off the modem can result in a regain of the 500 right away.
Hence my question as to whether the exchange/bandwidth issue only applies to ADSL Max.

  FatboySlim71 21:56 16 Nov 2007

I'm on ADSL MAX by the way.

  Dipso 22:07 16 Nov 2007

A power down is not supposed to be seen as a disconnection but as you say it can sometimes be misinterpreted, especially several power downs in a short space of time. This does only apply to ADSL Max connections and fixed half, 1 or 2 Meg wouldn't be affected by disconnecting/reconnecting the modem in the same way.

  woodchip 22:07 16 Nov 2007

You should leave it on if you are on MAX. Only turn it off if it looks like a Storm. But if like mine on LLU You can turn it off as I do each night. I am on Talk Talk

  Spark6 23:28 16 Nov 2007


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