powering down

  Tycho 22:15 19 Feb 2005

I see in the April PCA we are advised never to power down a computer. The writer claims that it is in powering up that the computer is under maximum stress.

I have read elsewhere that in business where computers are commonly left running a HDD will last nut 3 years. Mine is 6 years old and shows no sign of failing.

The other consideration is one of energy saving. The number of computers left on unnecessarily must be making a sginificant difference to energy usage.



  VoG II 22:19 19 Feb 2005

The wasted energy is dispersed as heat (first law of thermodynamics).

Therefore in a temperature-controlled environment (as most of us are) you will waste some through your PC but save on your central heating.

In theory!

  FelixTCat 22:21 19 Feb 2005

Sounds like so much hot air to me!

In business environments they like to apply global updates overnight - can't do it if the poor workers turn their computers off.

  ensonricky 23:32 19 Feb 2005

The PC's are usually shutdown by the workers then booted and powered down remotely to apply updates overnight.

  FelixTCat 07:36 20 Feb 2005

Not in the one I used to work in.

  ensonricky 07:42 20 Feb 2005

That's progress for you!

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