Powerfull PC for Digital & Video Photo Editing

  [email protected]om 10:37 15 Mar 2014

Just retiring and want a new PC to support digital photography hobby. PC will primarily be for this task - what would be good spec to ensure very good performance?

  • Intel 4770K clocked to 4.5 Gbs/s?
  • SSD drive of 256Gb
  • Data Drive of at least 2Tb
  • 16GB Memory
  • Blu -ray read/writer
  • Very good graphics card!

Its not a gaming PC I need!!

Whats best software - Adobe Photoshop CS4 or is the extra money for CS5 worth it?

  imendpc 08:46 16 Mar 2014

That's a powerful PC for sure, for video editing it is mostly 2D work rather than 3D so video editing does not need the level of performance of a games graphics card. For Adobe photoshop certain functions do make use of graphics card acceleration, namely, for a graphics card that supports OpenGL, a software and hardware standard that accelerates video processing when working with large or complex images, including 3D., will benefit. However to what extent this help compared with processing done in the CPU is questionable. So you have to read up here enter link description hereto see what GPU features are relevant to you and this page has links to older versions of Photoshop too. Last but not least, this PC spec that you stated is on the powerful side. If this has been recommended by a shop then you may need to question whether it has been over sold to what you will need to do. But in principle getting the most powerful CPU for your budget is a good rule of thumb as you can always easily upgrade from the cheap graphics card any time. I would suggest that you use the CPU's integrated graphics card to start off. The reason is that unless you know what you will do spending money on a very good graphics card may be wasted. Let me illustrate an example of a special effect that was applied with its default options to a 12MB (38 megapixel) image, making use of GPU accelerated graphics, the integrated graphics HD 4000(at zero additional cost)completed this task in 38 secs and an expensive card finished this same task in 18 secs. Even budget to medium graphics card complete this in around 20-22 secs.

1]: [click here

  hastelloy 08:51 16 Mar 2014

I don't profess to be an expert on this but, as nobody else has replied, I'll have a go.

I do some photo and a lot of video editing. I have an i5 processor which works extremely well. Obviously i7 is better but, in my mind, an unnecessary extra expense and I don't know why you'd want to overclock. I don't believe that a good graphics card is necessary.

I find Adobe Photoshop Elements is more than adequate for my needs.

Hope this helps. Maybe somebody with more expertise will come along soon and either agree or disagree with me.

  hastelloy 09:01 16 Mar 2014


You obviously answered whilst I was thinking about it! And a significantly better answer at that.

  hssutton 11:32 16 Mar 2014

This is the specs for my photo editing, and my PC is very fast using Photoshop & Lightroom. However I do not do video editing.

Asrock P67 motherboard. Intel i5 3330 CPU. 16Gb ram. Nvidia Geforce GT 640 Window 7 Ultimate 64 bit. 750Gb sata3 'C' drive. 250Gb SSD used as primary scratch disk with 100Gb SSD as secondary scratch disc for Photoshop CS6. 2x1Tb sata hardrives for storage.

Note that I have installed all my programs onto a Sata3 Harddrive and used my SSDs as scratch discs for Photoshop. This was recommended by Adobe when I built my PC some time back. I'm quite happy with this arrangement, but there's lots of discussion now as to whether this is the best way.

  imendpc 16:08 16 Mar 2014

Thank you "marvin42" for recognising an honest answer from me, I do "mend" PCs plus all sorts of computer services hence my name is imendpc!

  Woolwell 18:34 16 Mar 2014

I have a system which I bought for HD video editing. I went for i7, 16 Gb RAM and initially a small ssd for cache. The small ssd was a failure and I now have the OS and programs on a 256GB SSD plus 1tb hard drive, 2 external 1 Tb drives for back ups and a Blu-Ray writer. I haven't got a very good graphics card. Concur that a really high spec graphics card would be OTT.

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