Powered USB hub

  O2 20:34 03 Dec 2004

Apologies for what must be a very simple question. I'd be grateful if someone could tell me the advantages of using a powered, rather than a unpowered, USB2 hub. Is it just a matter of supplying necessary power to a particular device? If so, what devices would need one? Would using one if it isn't actually required be OK?

Many thanks.

  jack 20:41 03 Dec 2004

Deininately preferable.
An unpwered hob relys on the PC power supply, which with some devices -a scanner say can be considerable and affect the computers performace. It does not matter too much for card readers or mice etc.,
More over even here if devices not being used are left plugged in they will all be havine there 'pull'
and can actually stop the msachine or at least not read.
The rule here is if you are not using it pull it out and if you can power it separately.

  O2 20:43 03 Dec 2004

Thanks a lot for the advice, Jack.

  SANTOS7 20:43 03 Dec 2004

click here Some good info here 02 hope it helps,good luck............

  stalion 20:44 03 Dec 2004

powered hubs are better than non powered and it is ok to use it does not transfer any power to your pc.Have a read click here

  O2 20:47 03 Dec 2004

My thanks to all. It never ceases to amaze me just how helpful you guys are. Cheers.

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