powerDVD, 5.1 or 2 channel

  dfghjkl 18:52 07 Jan 2004

hello,i am a bit confused,i have power dvd 4,i have found out that power dvd 5 has 5.1 support.i have a soundblaster live 5.1 sound card.so does this mean that my dvds are in 5.1 or 2 channel when using power dvd?what about wmp or realplayer?will they be in 5.1 because of my sound card?

  dazzling 19:04 07 Jan 2004

5.1 is only available with a 5.1 sorce eg if you play a 5.1 dvd you will get 5.1 sound provided you have a 5.1 decoder and your software suppourts 5.1.if power dvd4 does not suppourt 5.1 you will only get stereo.likewise if the source is only stereo typically cds you wont get 5.1.everything has to be matching.darren p.s.if you want to input a 5.1 sorce into your sond card it must come through an optical link into the spidif connector on your soundcard you can not run 5.1 through stereo jacks.

  dfghjkl 19:34 07 Jan 2004

now i am even more confused,i mean about the last sentance (dazzling)i thought if i bought a 5.1 sound card and speakers, then i have a 5.1 system.my mobo is also advertised as 5.1 as well(msi kt4al)i have msi dvd which i dont use but i dont have an optical link anyway.just so i am clear .i use xp pro, msi 5.1 mobo (ob sound turned off) a soundblaster live 5.1 card,creative 5100 5.1 speakers,but using power DVD 4.0,is it 5.1 yes or no?if i use wmp or real player to view dvd,is that 5.1,yes or no?if i take out soundblaster card and turn on ob 5.1 and view with msi dvd 5.1(as its called) and listen with my 5.1 speakers,is this 5.1,yes or no?if anyone knows then i will know one way or another.thanks,peter

  giggsy 20:01 07 Jan 2004

If you have the retail version of PowerDVD it will have 5.1 support, and your sound card and speakers will give you 5.1 sound. If you have an OEM version of PowerDVD (i.e. it came with your pc) it is likely to be only 2 channel (stereo)
You can use CMSS with the SoundBlaster Live 5.1 which is a movie mode which gives a 5.1 soundfield.

  dfghjkl 20:16 07 Jan 2004

my power dvd is 2 channel.but i still thought the sound card would make it 5.1.

  giggsy 20:18 07 Jan 2004

If you go into the speaker settings for your sound card you can select CMSS, this will produce sound from all 5 speakers and your sub

  dfghjkl 20:33 07 Jan 2004

i cant find CMSS (is it short for something)i can only find the 5.1 or 4 or 2 or headphones setting,i will be very dissapointed if i have bought a 5.1 card and 5.1 speakers and i dont have 5.1 sound.in fact it will be going back to the shop.HELP PLEASE

  giggsy 23:17 07 Jan 2004

You said you have a Creative Live 5.1. There is software that comes with the card that you can access through the start menu.
Load up the player used for CD's 'Creative whatever it's called' and have a look in there.
Failing that, used the help file with the software and search for 'CMSS' or 'Movie Mode'.
There is a facility to change environments like 'Hall' and 'Theatre' and 'Auditorium' etc. Have a look in there somewhere.

  Jester2K 08:03 08 Jan 2004

OEM copies of PwoerDVD will not produce 5.1 sound. Even with clever software it can't be done. I know i tried for days. All i could achieve is to get stereo sound. Even with a 5.1 sound card and 5.1 speakers the PowerDVD softweare will only output stereo sound. Its possible you could make a pseudo 5.1 somehow but when its only £20 to get support up to 7.1 why mess about?

Upgrade to PowerDVD 5 Deluxe and it also supports DTS (more than my DVD player downstairs does!!)

  Jester2K 08:10 08 Jan 2004

By the way your 5.1 sound card and speakers do support 5.1 surround sound but only when its output from the software as 5.1 (ie in a game or other application) OEM copies of PowerDVD don't output 5.1 only stereo.

The limitation here is the SOFTWARE (PowerDVD) and not the HARDWARE (the sound card and speakers)

  Stuartli 09:17 08 Jan 2004

If you go to:

click here

you will find out all about upgrading the audio capabilities of PowerDVD's various versions and/or the means to purchase the upgrades or update to PowerDVD 5.

But be prepared to be unhappy that UK prices in Sterling are the same as for the US in dollars...:-(

However, I would check out your copy of PowerDVD first to ensure that you can or cannot use multichannel sound.

My copy (V5), via right clicking on the main pane, selecting Configuration and then Audio tab, lists two, four, six, seven or eight speaker setup choice, plus SPDIF.

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