Power User Print Permissions (Win XP Pro)

  Ben Avery (LGHS) 13:16 19 Sep 2005


I'm having a little trouble with a Group Policy setting which allows Power Users to install printers locally.

By default, this is restricted to Administrators, but power users can be set up to have this functionality using the GP "Computer Configuration>Windows Settings>Local Policies>User Rights Assignments>Load and Unload Device Drivers".

This has been set to Administrators initially and I am trying to add the Power User to the list.

The problem is, when I click on "LOCAL POLICIES" and also "USER RIGHTS ASSIGNMENTS" I get the following alert error:


Security Templates

The Group Policy security settings that apply to this machine could not be determined.
The error returned when trying to retrieve these settings from the local security policy database (%windir%\security\database\secedit.sdb) was: The parameter is incorrect.

All local security settings will be displayed, but no indication will be given as to whether or not a given security setting is defined by Group Policy.

Any local security setting modified through this User Interface may subsequently be overwritten by domain-level security policies.


I have added the Power User anyway and rebooted and logged on as him. When attaching a printer I am told that only an administartor can add a printer and it pops up a login prompt.

On rebooting and logging on as administrator afgain, the setting seems to still be in place but is not working.

Anybody know how I can rectify this problem???

Our domain has no settings specified for this GPO so these settings should (in thoery) take precedence!


  recap 14:03 19 Sep 2005

You mention a "Domain" Ben Avery (LGHS), try applying the changes to the Domain GP and allow it to propogate down to the local level.

  Ben Avery (LGHS) 14:12 19 Sep 2005

The problem is, that will set the sam epermissions for ALL the users. I only want it to apply to this one person on the domain, and when they use the laptop at home (ie as a local user, not a domain user).

The GP on the Domain itself is currently unassigned anyway, so the local machine, if set, should override the default unassigned setting, right?


  Ben Avery (LGHS) 14:12 19 Sep 2005

This network has over 1000 users and so making bulk changes to the Domain settings is not generally a favourable solution!

  Thalmus 14:41 19 Sep 2005

Have you tired putting the user in his own OU and then applying the GP to that?

or setup a local policy on his machine then tick the no override option?

  recap 15:26 19 Sep 2005

Can you not assign the power user rights through the propeties of the Printer itself?

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