Power surges

  FOEYDO 19:02 08 Nov 2006

Hi, I live in Spain where there are many power surges, can these damage my pc? Are these power surge protectors any good and could anybody recommend a particular model or is there anything available on the market that could be fitted inro my main fuse box at home to protect both my computers and other electrical equipment tvs etc....

  Belatucadrus 19:14 08 Nov 2006

1) "can these damage my pc" Yes.
2) "Are these power surge protectors any good" Also Yes.
3) "recommend a particular model" Belkin have a good reputation, but I've got a few different brands about the house and fingers crossed they all do the job.
4) "could be fitted into my main fuse box" Not that I know of, but I'm no electrician. Anyway with the models I use, bad power surges kill the protection as they're self sacrificing devices and would need replacing. Most have a status indicator light, if it goes out get a new one.
5) "to protect both my computers and other electrical equipment" the ones I have are in the form of multi socket adapters and can be used on any piece of mains equipment you want to protect.

  Totally-braindead 19:17 08 Nov 2006

Yes a power surge could cause serious damage to your PC. Not sure about the rest of the household appliances though.
A good brand for a surge protector is Belkin but anyone that provide a guarantee will probably be fine. Mine covers me for upto £25,000 if my PC is damaged by a power surge and the surge protector fails to save it.
Can't comment on how likely damage is to anything else though.

  amonra 19:22 08 Nov 2006

Your safest bet to ensure trouble-free operating is to instal an uninteruptable power supply (battery operated inverter, ie 12v to 240v, and a 12v charger to keep the battery topped up). This type of device is easily obtainable from the likes of Belkin or any large computer dealers. If you regularly get long time interuptions, then make sure you fit a large capacity battery.

  octal 19:26 08 Nov 2006

You can get suppressors for the mains distribution systems if that is what you want click here

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