Power surge protector

  Daisy22 12:28 22 Sep 2006

Ive got one of these but can't remember how to connect it all up.

Please could someone tell me what gets plugged in and where?

Its got an OUT and an IN line, with 4 electric plugs. I've got a few electrical PC items plugged into the electric plugs.

I've got a livebox, and run an extension wire from the telephone socket to the yellow(ish) adapter extension and then at present the computer modem line is plugged into this.

Oh, and just to check, if we had a thunderstorm or power failure for some reason, these protectors do keep the PC from coming to any harm, don't they??

  johnnyrocker 12:31 22 Sep 2006

not guaranteed 100% but i think it would take a pretty severe disruption to get through.


  Digital 12:41 22 Sep 2006

Plug your phone line into the protector asap! My son didn't & guess what? Zap! and everything, filters, router, phones, FAX gone to that big scrap box in the sky! It must have been a serious strike because even the BT box burnt up.

  Daisy22 12:44 22 Sep 2006

I want to get it plugged back in asap, but can't remember which line goes into what.

  StephShadow 13:48 22 Sep 2006

Hi Daisy

I think it works like this (looking at my Belkin Surgemaster):

Run the telephone extension wire from the Phone Socket into the INPUT (IN) on the surge protector. (What is your 'adapter extension'? Is it a broadband splitter – are you using broadband?)

Run another telephone/modem cable from the surge protector OUT with the other modem end going into your PC.

So the phone line goes into the surge protector and then comes out to go to the PC.

I think.

Digital, question for you.

Having just said all that, I realised I haven’t got my router going through the surge protector!

I just got broadband and have a splitter on the phone socket running straight into the router. I guess I could run the splitter off the surge protector? Would that work? It didn’t occur to me!

Advice most welcome, seeing as it's raining. Thanks.

  Stuartli 14:16 22 Sep 2006

You can buy surge protection two or three socket phone adaptors - whether they would be any good I don't know.

  StephShadow 15:26 22 Sep 2006

Thanks Stuartli

Funnily enough it’s thunder and lightning here right now. Does anyone think I can run the splitter line through the surge protector? Haven’t tried it because I don’t know if it works. Just after confirmation please?

  Stuartli 15:54 22 Sep 2006

The only way to find out is to try it - as far as I can see it would work OK.

  Digital 14:44 23 Sep 2006

Yes StephShadow, put your router through the protector asap (only just picked up yours), it would have saved my son from being on dial-up for days & saved cash! The splitter (filter?) will work through the protector, in fact, put everything through the protector!

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