Power Supply upgrade on Desktop Dimension 5150

  Muxlow 19:12 03 Jun 2008

This is my very first post on this site and hope you can help me before I go bald from scratching my head.

I have been given, yes given a Inno 3D 8800GTS Graphics card to upgrade my existing card which is a X600 Radeon ATI card unfortunately for me nothing comes free and have found out that I need to upgrade my Power Supply to use this Awesome (from what I have been told) Graphics card.

To use the 8800 GTS card I need a minimum requirement of 400 watt supply but currently have a lacking 305 watts.

I have tried scouring the web sites to find a good match for the graphics card but am failing in finding one with the correct dimensions to fit my desktops case.

Also does I need a power supply that has a 6 pin PCI Express supplementary power connector??

if there is anything else that I need please tell me as I am pretty new to all this.

??Please help??

  sean-278262 01:10 04 Jun 2008

I cannot find any UK sources that I would trust myself for a BTX powersupply. However I will make a few comments along the way and in the process bump this thread for tomorrow morning which should get you an answer.

I would be doubting that your P4 system will benefit from the use of such a powerful graphics card and that your P4 will just lag behind and therefore make very little difference to your overall performance benchmarks. This would also be a bit pointless as most modern games (at which this card is aimed) need a processor with a lot more kick.

Also doing some searching on ebay they even made a few celeron boxes of these 5150s and these would be even worse than a P4 in terms of kick. If you really want to use that graphics card, you may want to consider selling your current machine and moving into the dual core level of computing, as I dont think you will see all that much of a difference in performance. Others may argue to the contrary but I think the processor will act as a very big bottleneck for your performance and it will be like adding a Ferrai engine to a Ford Focus. Too much power for it to handle propperly.


  Muxlow 18:17 04 Jun 2008

Thanks for the response Astec123 that has given me something to think about, I checked my Computer for the Processor type and it is a Pentium D would that be an acceptable processor for what I need?

The spec of my computer is as follows:-
Intel Pentium D 820 Dual Core (2.80Ghz, 800MHz)
2 x 2gb ram DDr2 (400MHz)
305 Watt power supply
250Gb SATA Hard drive
X600 Radeon ATI

Hope this Helps.
PS power supply dimensions are Height 5"x Width 4" x Depth 5.5"

  wjrt 19:17 04 Jun 2008

click here

  Muxlow 19:50 04 Jun 2008

Cheers wjrt, the dimensions are correct and there's certainly enough power for the Card.

I just hope my processor is of the correct requirement for the card, as I checked the site for the card and there seems to be no certain requirement for the Processor??

  Totally-braindead 19:51 04 Jun 2008

The way Dell rate the power supplies has been a bone of contention with me for some time.

All power supplies are rated in watts and as far as I know Dell is the only company who label theirs with a different sort of rating. What I mean is a Dell 305 watts will provide more power than another brand 305 watts in fact it might even outperform a 400 watts unbranded power supply. Dell use some sort of average rating whereas everyone else puts on the maximum power rating.

What I am getting at is that you might find the 305 watts Dell power supply will cope with this graphics card. If you have little luck finding a higher rated one I would email Dell and ask though they might err on the side of caution and say they do not recommend it. As for the extra power cable you can get convertors and you could use one of them.

I am not recommending doing this I must stress to you, if it was me I would either get another power supply or if I couldn't I would buy another case and power supply and swap everything over. obviously if you are a newbie this can be a daunting prospect.

A standard ATX power supply is approx 15cm(W) x 8.5cm(H) x 14cm(D) if that helps.

  Muxlow 22:20 04 Jun 2008


I have checked the sticker on the side of the Power supply which is a celetronix and it definately says that the max output power is 305 watt, So I'll do what you and Wjrt say if my processor is fine, and buy a large power supply.

Thanks for the help.

Does anyone know if my processor (Intel Pentium D) will be a worthy match for the Graphics card as Astec123 commented on?

  sean-278262 23:36 04 Jun 2008

Muxlow - It isnt a matter of matching more of an overpowering your system with power it just wont be able to tap. I would go with the other suggestions and give it a go personally. As I was unaware Dell made them with Pentium D processors, these are dual cores and should give the get up and go you require.

However Intel chips of this age I am not all that familiar with. However looking at the spec sheets I would summise that it should be a good match and only a little bit behind the current generation. Unlike what I initially thought when I went searching for the specifics of the 5150s and only came up with P4 and Celeron equiped machines.

At the end of the day it uses Socket 775 which means you can upgrade to anything modern so long as the motherboard supports it which I would expect it will.

click here
Anything on this page are possible upgrades if your processor seems to lag behind once you have upgraded.

Hope that all helps. If you have any more issues feel free to post more questions. We are always willing to help.


  Muxlow 01:33 05 Jun 2008


Thanks for your comments they are welcomed and for all the help you have done.

It seems I may be getting the ferrari engine under the bonnet after all.

I will buy a new power supply and respond back with the outcome.

thanks again

  Ditch999 12:10 05 Jun 2008

The one listed above I dont think will run the 8800GTS. Not enough Amps.
The Watts are the bare minimum but a quick look says its only 8Amps so it wont work. The 8800GTS needs about 26Amps.

  Ditch999 12:14 05 Jun 2008

Checked the spec sheet and its listed as 26Amps 470 Watt so it might make it (although there are other components which will be using the 26Amps as well)
I also see that it is ATX and Astec123 says you have a BTX power supply.

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