power supply suggestions - wattage

  mrh 20:12 29 Apr 2003

due to cramped case and ventilation problems - decided to upgrade case and psu - gone for amg 1000 case from antech - will be re-housing amd 2001,ati 8500 graphis card, firewire card, 5.1 soundblaster, network card, cdrw (24.10.40) dvd (16.40) floppy drive,asus a7v333 mobo, asus smart card reader(3 1/4 drive) standard spec on mobo ( usb2 ddr usb1 ) 512meg ram - any suggestions on size of psu unit - case comes with 2 fans but will be proberly utilising an addition fan ( 3 additional fans inc. in spec.
all suggestions appreciated
thanks in advance

  Pilch.... 20:23 29 Apr 2003

enermax unit, from about £40 for a 350, or go to higher for about £80ish

  Sion 20:31 29 Apr 2003

Try click here store.co.uk and look at their Q-Tec line of PSU's. They are pretty cheap, and get pretty favourable reviews. Plus they are gold plated!!! And apparently very quiet.

  Sion 20:32 29 Apr 2003

I do apologise. theoverclockingstore.co.uk is the adress you want. Damn my typing skills!!

  mrh 20:34 29 Apr 2003

thanks for speedy response - was n't to sure if 350 would be ok - if any expansion - forgot to mention 2 60gig harddrive - hp5550 printer(usb) no modem - small home network through router but will be adding hp scanner(dedicated off of usb 2 port)after upgrade (tomorrow hopefully)
regards mrh

  The Belarussian Mafia 17:21 23 Apr 2004

My computer is 4 to 5 yrs old, and only has a 200W power supply. What issues might arise as I upgrage & add more peripherals? I recently upgraded the HDD from 15GB 5,400 rpm to 120GB 7,500. CPU is Athlon 750 (with an enormous fan). Graphics card upgraded to 128MB from 32MB. 192MB Ram (upgraded from 64), ADSL USB modem, CD-RW (4x), DVD drive, keyboard & mouse fairly basic Soundblaster sound card, 1 printer (parallel laser) + now adding an inkjet USB2 multifunction device + PCI USB2 card. If an upgrade is recommended, how do you decide what size is needed?

  The Belarussian Mafia 17:22 23 Apr 2004

Sorry, I was trying to start a new thread -will do it now!

  SEASHANTY 19:45 23 Apr 2004

Power supply considerations
click here

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