Power supply query

  Mekanos 13:18 16 Feb 2008


Thinking of buying this computer: click here

Planning on upgrading processor to E8500, dual GTS, 64-bit OS and the 620W PSU.

My first question is if 620W is enough to adequately power this whole system? Never really worried too much about the PSU until i found out how important it is, and from what ive been reading im thinking i may need something with around 700-750W?

Secondly, is it worth upgrading to the dual GTS from the dual GT?


  Totally-braindead 14:39 16 Feb 2008

It seems to be a branded 620 watt power supply and would probably be fine but personally I'd like to up it more to allow for adding extra components.

I do notice that they seem to only have the choice of the two. Mind you I suppose you could buy it and then replace it though it is a bit of a waste. Would phoning them or emailing them be an option.

I did a quick check on the PSU and it seems to need a 900 watt, surely thats not right?

I used this click here

Hopefully someone else will comment as that can't be right, you add a second PCI E graphics card and the thing jumps from 600 watts to 900 watts. Thats definatly not right. I think that program has to be mucked up.

  Kemistri 15:27 16 Feb 2008

The obvious answer is either to check the wattage of each component against the respective manufacturer's published specs or ask Chillblast for these figures. Either way, that would give you the absolute maximum theoretical drain that, in practice, would probably never be reached. Keep in mind, though, that PSU ratings are optimal figures and some are even more optimistic than others. I stick with brands that are known to match their claimed outputs.

In short, go and talk to Chillblast and discuss your concerns.

  Kemistri 15:30 16 Feb 2008

The only PSU calculator that I have even found, and used, was click here, but I have not used it in a long time and it looks like it's in the process of being updated.

  Mekanos 15:37 16 Feb 2008

How much would a branded 900W power supply set me back in case the program isnt mucked up?

If it doesnt cost too much, and chillblast agrees to provide a powerful supply unit, i dont mind getting a 900W PSU as then later on i can upgrade RAM/Processor/Graphics card without worrying about the PSU.

Another point which i wanted to add in my previous post was about cooling. Should i upgrade the case or anything else to improve cooling? Or is it fine the way it is?

Thanks for the reply!

  fishface113 20:20 16 Feb 2008

I only use one graphics card but otherwise have a high end quad core system. It rated at 750 watts so I guess 900 watts sounds about right.

A good 1000 watt or 1200 watt would be in order. A decent brand named one will be around a hundred quid, but probably necessary my friend.

good luck

  fishface113 20:22 16 Feb 2008

Intel dual and quad cores are relatively cool processors. Just make sure there is a good airflow through the case is all.

  Mekanos 21:27 16 Feb 2008

Thanks for the replies!

Just checked chillblaster a 1000W PSU comes in at 230 quid! Dont know about about brands but is this any good? click here

Ive e-mailed Chillblast and asked if they can provide me with a PSU that doesnt come standard with the system i am looking at.

  Kemistri 21:39 16 Feb 2008

There are two PSU brands that I trust far more than any other to deliver what they promise: one is Enermax (to which you linked) and the other is Q-Technology, which can be sourced from QuietPC.

  Totally-braindead 14:12 17 Feb 2008

Mekanos unless someone who really knows chips in about this I would go to one of the suppliers and ask them what is needed as I cannot believe that adding another graphics card in SLI mode would add another 300 watts. That can't be right a graphics card rating varies but typically its around the 75 watts I really cannot see how this then becomes 300.

  Kemistri 14:28 17 Feb 2008

I'm not familiar with the latest graphics cards, but I can't quite believe that either.

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