Power supply problem

  christmascracker 18:25 15 May 2004

I bought a new graphics card during the week. At the same time I bought a new PSU. The original one that came with the pc 4 months ago was 300w and the new one was a 500w.

Everything has been fine all week until yesterday when I ran a HDD health check from floppy. About half way through the drive test a siren started to go off which I presume was the CPU temperature limit thingy that I've set in the bios to go off if it reaches a certain temp. I turned the PC off straight away. The side of the case was really quite warm too (hot!)

I put the 300w PSU back and ran it again - test finnished and no problems at all.

So........ what do I do now? I'll be taking the psu back and getting a refund but do I stick with the original 300w or buy a decent PSU?

All advice gratefully appreciated

The original 300w is a Seasonic and the new 500w was a qtec if thats of any help

  wawadave 18:51 15 May 2004

if the 300w is working and every things working properly than stick with it you can allways get anther one latter on.

  woodchip 19:08 15 May 2004

Re other thread leave the 300 in

  christmascracker 19:16 15 May 2004

Thanks, I was hoping you were around.

I take it that you think the 300 is better than the 500w

  Rayuk 19:49 15 May 2004

Take the Qtec back and get your money and run,not one of the best power supplies around.

  christmascracker 19:53 15 May 2004

I'm going to do just that on monday - well, I'll send hubby in - hate taking things back. What make do you think I should go for?

  woodchip 20:45 15 May 2004

qtec are very cheap steer clear of these when buying a new one. I bought a “COLORit” made by Mercury a re-Badged one Big fan on the inside of the comp on the PSU sucking in air onto the PSU from the Computer innards It's a very quiet PSU as with the Big Fan it runs slower but blows more air Fan about 130mm= 5ins. Cost from a Computer Fair £25 500Watt

  carver 22:36 15 May 2004

If you want a silent PSU have a look at this site, click here;jsessionid=1540a68bab2f490/shopdata/0010_SilenX+iXtrema+Pro+Series/product_overview.shopscript now these are silent, I've just fitted a 450watt psu from them in place of the Q-Tec I had and now the loudest thing in my P/C is the hard drive.

  carver 22:37 15 May 2004

try that again click here

  christmascracker 08:09 16 May 2004

I'm going to leave the 300w in and the 500w is going back tomorrow.

As for the new one I'll be going for an Antec True power.

  woodchip 08:31 16 May 2004

That should be OK. The one I got as a two year warranty

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