Power supply noise level reduction

  Tycho 21:10 15 Aug 2004

Last year my aging computer was observed not only to smell rather evil but to have a thin stream of blue smoke appearing from the PSU. Needless to say I rushed out tom my local computer shop amd bought a 300W PSU. Unfortunately it is much noisier than I would like. Are there any modifications that I can fit? Is it a case of buying a new quieter PSU (Recommendations, please)?

My noisy psu is labelled Advance with a model number SH300A8H. Looking that up on Google reveals that it is a Skyhawk model.

All the best


  carver 22:37 15 Aug 2004

If your PSU is noisy then the only thing to do is replace it, if you fit a quieter fan to it you could find it might not give enough cooling in which case if yoy are lucky it will just cut out if not 1 P/C up in smoke. If you need a new psu have a look here click here

  flying grouse 22:40 15 Aug 2004

You can replace the fans inside the PSU but ONLY if you are confident in doing so! there are plenty of parts not to touch inside, so unless you know a bit about electronics.......more blue smoke! and burnt finger tips?

  Chegs ® 04:42 16 Aug 2004

Howdo,I got a bit of a stern(ish)warning from the FE that its not worth the risk to poke about in a PSU.Worded similar to "Whats the point of risking death or injury for the sake of a few pounds" My answer was "I have a VERY healthy respect for all things mains"and I couldn't afford to splash out £20 for the sake of 4 screws and a few minutes with a brush regularly.I agree,PSU's can be made lethal by clumsy mods,but I'm also going to try modding my PSU case to rid it of two loud-ish 80MM fans and replace them with one 120MM fan.More airflow from a slower fan,equates to a much quieter PC(or so LangaList said)

Tycho,as long as your careful,the fan swap should involve a few screws,unplug the existing fan,plug new fan into same place on the PSU,ensure when replacing the PSU case you get both sides correctly positioned( little stepped edge)and none of the wires are trapped anywhere.Before attempting anything inside the PC(not just the PSU)unplug the mains lead as when the PC has been switched off by windows,the motherboards components still have a small voltage running through them,and you could damage these components whilst tackling the PSU.

  carver 16:27 16 Aug 2004

You have said that the PSU was noisy from the start, in that case the fans are working at full revs to keep that PSU cool, slower fans are quieter because they are slower reving, therefor they don't move as much air, result , 1 burnt out PSU IF YOU ARE LUCKY.

Even after you have disconnected the PSU it can still hold a charge big enough to give a considerable shock, the risk is just not worth it.

  Tycho 19:58 16 Aug 2004

Thanks for the advice folks. I will have a look for a new PSU when I feel that I can afford it. Can anyone recommend one which is nice and quiet?

  Chegs ® 20:02 16 Aug 2004
  johnsims 20:04 16 Aug 2004

Novatech do a quiet one for about £49 plus VAT.
click here

Somewhat cheaper than quietpc click here but I have to say I have a quietpc PSU and it is damn near silent.

  johnsims 20:05 16 Aug 2004

Sorry - that should have been £49 inc VAT

  Tycho 20:24 03 Oct 2004

The Nexus psu from Novatech at less than £30 including carriage is just the job. I can now listen to the second movement of Mahler's 1st symphony while typing this!


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