Power supply & new cases

  mbendy 17:50 13 Apr 2005

I have just bought a new case to put my new Asrock K7VT4A with a AMD 2·4 CPU, put everything together. switched on but nothing. the power supply has an extra connection for the P4 motherboards, i was told that my AMD would work but how do i get it to work? the old case hasn't got the extra connection it runs the system but am afraid it's not powerful enough to run the system forever? what have i to do to make it power the board please???

  Indigo 1 17:59 13 Apr 2005

If you mean that it works with one Power Supply Unit but not with the new one, then it sounds like a faulty PSU.

The P4 connector (4 pin molex square shape) is not essential for Athlons and should be tucked safely away if your Motherboard does not have a corresponding connector.

  mbendy 21:21 13 Apr 2005

Sorry if i have confused you but i have tried with 3 other p4 psu's none work but the old ATX PSU powers up first time every time the others try but dont manage to. the cpu fan tries to turn but nothing comes of it, the psu fan dosen't click into action either. at least 2 of the p4 psu's were from mates computers which work before trying in mine and work again when back in there own cases, but wont work on mine i even bought a second motherboard thinking this might be the problem but still didn't work???

  Joe R 21:58 13 Apr 2005


it could be that your mobo is shorting out on the new case.

You could try taking it out, and making sure all is okay behind, e.g. standoffs, washers etc.

Then try the psu/s again.

  gudgulf 22:02 13 Apr 2005

Since you know it works,take the PSU out of your old case and fit it in the new one.If it also wont work then you need to check that the power switch wires are connected correctly (is it possible that the power switch itself is faulty?).In fact check that everything on the new build is set up and connected correctly.If more than one known functional PSU wont work in your new case then you need to look for alternative solution to the problem....it's not the PSU.

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