Power supply is it faulty? I ask you

  nyleridedog 08:30 19 Jun 2003

Hi guys
I have just built a new system
the ingredients are a s follows
1700+ amd
40 gig 5400 seagate
2 meg graphics
64 meg memory.

The problem i have is the hard drive will not get detected.
So i have a tried another one which i know is working but that too will not get recognized.
I have even put a different mobo on the power supply and its doing exactly the same thing, which is not detecting hard drive.
But when i swapm over to a known good psu it works fine
Does anyone know what kind of power is needed for the hard drive.
the psu is 350.
but it does seem a bit tacky

  nyleridedog 08:31 19 Jun 2003

the memory checks and bios are all ok.
IT just cant detect hard drive.

  -pops- 08:34 19 Jun 2003

I think you've answered the question yourself:- "when i swapm over to a known good psu it works fine".

Just change the PSU to one that works.

There's nothing more to add is there?


  The Spires 08:36 19 Jun 2003

I would have thought if there was a PSU problem when the hard drive spun up it there was a current supply problem the mainboard would have problems, very strange though I agree.

  stlucia 09:01 19 Jun 2003

If the PSU is powering the motherboard okay, but not the HDD -- as seems to be the problem -- could it be that just one power lead or its plug is damaged? The same PSU is presumably powering the floppy drive okay? Have you tried attaching a different PSU power lead to the HDD?

  graham√ 09:22 19 Jun 2003

Is the HDD receiving the correct voltage from the PSU? May be that different components require a specific voltage from the same PSU.

  -pops- 09:55 19 Jun 2003

Am I missing something important in this?

It is stated quite clearly (to me at least) that the setup works with one PSU and doesn't work with another.

Answer = one of the PSU's is faulty. QED.

  Bodi 10:03 19 Jun 2003

You have tried all the power connectors from the "suspect" PSU? If so, buy yourself a decent 450W PSU - I have the Enermex - bit expensive, but very solid.


  nyleridedog 10:14 19 Jun 2003

thanks guys
The hard drive is a actuall spinning.
and i have checked all the power leads with the hard drives.
The floppy is working.

  -pops- 11:10 19 Jun 2003

The drive may well be spinning but it doesn't mean that it is working. The power leads to the drive have 5V (for the signal) and 12V (for the motive power).

I still maintain that if one PSU is successful and another is not, then the answer lies with the PSU.

  nyleridedog 12:57 19 Jun 2003

cheers pops, i will be getting a psu soon enough
cheers everyone

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