Power Supply I think?

  Roy* 09:13 27 May 2008

PC won't start when switching on at the front, when you switch on/off at the back you get a squeak as if there is power into the back but it goes no further. Looking inside the little green LED on the motherboard that is normally illuminated when the power is on does not light up. So I'm hoping it's just the power supply? The PC's (Mesh) about 4 years old. Is it a tricky job to change the power supply and matching up the right spec, cables etc, current one is 350w? Could anything else be faulty?

  Terry Brown 09:49 27 May 2008

First-- Unplug the Mains Cable.

Replacing the power supply is a simple matter of unplugging your connections to hard drives, floppy drives etc. (Suggestion--Before you unplug them , make a mark on the drive and a mark on the cable to ensure corect re-connection)

Remove the power supply is usually just 4 screws at the back of the computer and lift it out

350 w should be ample for most systemsor you can get a bigger output if you want..

Before you buy a new PSU, can you borrow one from a friend to test your machine, as this may not be the problem.

  jack 09:57 27 May 2008

Power supplies have common connectivity.
Buy a good quality on to the same power or higher.
Try click here among many others.
Carefully study the connections of the existing set up.
Remove power plug.

Leaving connections in place- remove 3 bolts securing the unit to the case and lift out and place down on bench. now bolt into place the new one.
Separate out the cable bundle and with care swap plug for plug.
Whilst the cover is off give the inside a good clean/vacuum out.
Then fire it up

  Roy* 10:14 27 May 2008

Sorry this is a bit of a play by play explanation but this happened Friday night so no access to any pc as away for weekend, so couldn't do any internet research and daughter in panic as she has load of course work to do this week. So Friday night I called a local 'specialist' to come and fix it, he ordered a new PSU which as it was Friday night won't arrive until Wednesday when he'll come over and replace it for £25 plus part price (£45 for 420w). So not the most cost effective solution but I needed a plan! Just wanted an idea of how complex it would be, so in hindsight I could have done it myself, bought the part from Maplins at the weekend etc. But on Friday night with no idea and no chance to investigate had to resort to (i hope) a professional. Today i see you can get 350w for £10..........

Anyway there’s still a risk it could be something else……….

  Roy* 10:17 27 May 2008

I could have done it, see above. Yeah it needs a good vac out!

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