Power supply for Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro2

  Laser157 09:54 23 Oct 2005

I am considering a limited upgrade to my system before moving from ME to XP. I have a good quality Aopen power supply but it is rated at 300 watts. My intended new mobo is a GA-7N400 Pro2 and for the time being I am keeping my Athlon 2400+ CPU.

I don't drive my machine hard and only have a basic graphics card. I have done a power calculation using this calulator: click here

It comes out at 295 watts. Has anyone had problems running this mobo with a 300watts supply?

  Totally-braindead 10:15 23 Oct 2005

The things that drag the most power from the supply are things like optical drives, hard drives and if you have lots of add ons, oh the graphics card as well if its a newer one and of course the CPU. The motherboard itself does of course use power but not as much as the other components. The only way to be certain is to try it, if your power supply is a good quality one then it may provide as much power as a cheap 400w one and you may have no problems. If of course it cannot handle it then you would need a new power supply.

  freaky 10:39 23 Oct 2005

If you have calculated your power consumption as 295 watts, and your PSU has an output of 300 watts, then you are right on the borderline.

This would mean the PSU is working at 99% capacity all of the time, consequently reducing it's life-span. If your PSU does not have an overload cut out, then there is a danger of serious damage to the MOB, CPU. Also the cooling fans would be affected by the low current, this would affect their speed of operation.

In a nutshell, replace the PSU with at least a 350 watt, and get a good quality one with a variable speed fan ASAP!!

  freaky 10:47 23 Oct 2005

Adding to the above, I had a problem a month ago with my older PC, this also had a 300 watt PSU.

I replaced the CD Rom Drive with a DVD RW....shortly after the PC kept shutting down on bootup. It turned out that the extra current required by the DVD RW was causing the PSU cut out switch to trip. I replaced the PSU with a 350 watt and have had no problem since.

  Laser157 10:55 23 Oct 2005

Thanks for the replies. I think the power supply I have is probably conservatively rated and I rather like it anyway as it has a large diameter fan and is almost silent. The power calculation assumes everything is running at once including 4 USB devices drawing power. It drives my current system without any problems and it's really only the mobo which would be significantly different. (the memory would be ddr instead of sdram but same amount).

I think I will give it a go with the existing unit, but would still be interested if anyone has specific experience with the GA-7N400 Pro2.

Thanks again

  ACOLYTE 13:21 23 Oct 2005

Great mobo have had 1 for about 2 years never had any problems with it,well i did when i first installed it but only because i didn't know how to turn the raid setup off,witch is on by default,but after that was sorted no problems.
Im running mine with a 400w PSU what i had in before so could'nt really say if 300 will be ok,but i suspect it should,just changing the mobo shouldnt put any more strain on the PSU.There is also a few things you get with the mobo firewire/usb2 connectors but they are easy to install,so enjoy =)

  Laser157 19:22 23 Oct 2005

Cheers Acolyte - glad you have found this mobo good. It does seem to have all the things I want, so I'll give it a go.

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