Power supply fault has destroyed the lot.

  >Aitch< 18:58 23 Jul 2003

A capacitor exploded in the atx power supply on my desktop computer.
I have replaced it with a new unit but apart from the cpu fan running and the HD led being permanantly on, the rest is dead.
Tested individually on a good motherboard, none of the components i.e. video card, hard drive, floppy drive, or cd writer work. Is it likely that the power supply has destroyed all these items and the motherboard.
Many Thanks, AITCH.

  madPentium 19:04 23 Jul 2003

That depends. Now this may be a silly question but have you replaced it with the correct PSU.

I say this because for example, if you have a dell machine and replace the psu with a standard off the shelf part, it will not work as they swap many of the wires round.

If a capacitor actually 'blew' then this would have caused a surge into your components. Newer and more expensive psu's prevent this disaster from happening. Have you had lightening in the area recently?

  jimv7 19:06 23 Jul 2003

Yes, a surge via the psu can knock out the whole motherboard assembly.

If you have had storms recently, time to dig out your house insurance and check if your covered, you might get a new puter out of it.

  woodchip 19:16 23 Jul 2003

Your best bet is to try the items in a known working computer

  Gongoozler 19:24 23 Jul 2003

Unfortunately a faulty power supply can destroy everything in your computer. If, for example, the regulator on the 5V supply fails and delivers, let us say, 10 Volts, the smoothing capacitor in the power supply could overvolt and explode, but even worse the logic chips in the whole computer would receive 10 Volts instead of 5 and could well fail. This is why it is a false economy to go for the cheapest power supplies. A well designed power supply could well cost twice as much, but would have better quality components and have more protection against fault conditions.

  >Aitch< 19:34 23 Jul 2003

Nothing special about the computer. All generic parts.

None of the components work in test computer.

No lightning but capacitor definitely went bang.

I think from your answers that I'm going to have to build a new computer. Thanks all for your advice.

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