power supply (can it cause problems)

  chrisinireland 21:01 01 Feb 2004

i think i found out what my problem is,
recently i have been posting many threads to sort out a problem of mine that every time is use my computer when i restart a blue screen comes up and it wont let me go any futher and then just restarts on its own and goes to the blue screen again. since i have got my pc upgraded at christmas all i have got is bother from the new things i put in it .
1.Day after christmas the screen was only aloud to be seen at 4bit color and at 640/320 so i took it back and got it fixed
day after that the power supply blew up, smoke everywhere.(not a big enought power supply for the pc

i got a new power supply (400watt)

since then this blue screen problem has started and the only way to fix this is to refromat the drive, this is an anoying process but its the only way to get my pc workin for like a day or two.
so now im wondering could the power supply be causing all my blue screen and 000x000x000xxx000 errors.

the upgrades i got were
3GHZ AMD Athlon processor, 1024mb of ddr Pci 333 & 400fsb (mixed them but they probably work) a Leadtek GeForce FX 5900XT and a new Nvidia Nforce 2 Motherboard. when the power supply blew up i got a pentium 4 designed (says on the side of it) 400watt power supply, could this power supply be causing my fraustating problems, which are driving me mad, if u think ive left n e thing out tell me.

if anyone can help me please do.

  Giggle n' Bits 21:20 01 Feb 2004

did you install all the drivers live the motherboard chipset drivers, it may help if you download the latest drivers for the following from the required sites, like your Chipset Drivers, AGP Card drivers (click here) are the main ones then do the windows updates !

You do not specify the make & Model of you Motherboard, maybe there is a BIOS update needed to support the CPU, large amount of memory and the FSB. This can be done by reading the support from the manufacturer's w.site.

Have your applied the thermal conductive paste to the CPU Core ? I take it This AMD CPU is a AMD Athlon XP3000 if so this is not a 3GHz CPU its a higher core spec on the FSB unles you have gone for a highend CPU in the 64Bit.

What type of Memory ? PC2700 pr PC3200 ? is this matched to you motherboard. Also the settings in the BIOS ? are they correct ?

I perosonally think you have tried too much change too soon and you need to illuminate 1 thing at a time.

  chrisinireland 21:37 01 Feb 2004

i have been trying to eliminate each thing, but its always a blue screen when i change the things around. the ram i have is 2 sticks of ddr pci 3200 one is 333fsb and the other is 400fsb.
the guy fixing my pc said it works fine when the processor and ram are like tuned down a bit, but when put to there original settins the blue screening error occurs, sometimes says memory dump and other times just all 0 and x's

the new fan i got canme with loads of thermal paste and i put pleanty on, its just the normal 32bit 3ghz i have, and i always install my mobo and graphics card drivers as soon as my pc is reformatted

  Chegs ® 22:22 01 Feb 2004

Looking thru your post,"loads of thermal paste and i put pleanty on" but is the actual heatsink big enough to handle 3.0Ghz CPU?

PSU problems,if the internal fan(s) slow,the PSU can upset the delicate internals of CPU/RAM etc,and cause blue screens(I had two previous PSU's that worked fine for weeks,then simply stopped working after a period of continuous crashes)

Mixing RAM speeds WILL cause puters to misbehave,just because the chaps shop puter is content with mismatched RAM,does not instantly mean your system will!

One/Both those sticks could be faulty(I had problems with 3 sticks from the SAME mfg,same speed,give me BSOD after hours of running)Once a RAM generated crash has occured,windows critical system files can be damaged,and then its almost impossible to get the OS back up and running stably again without some form of repair operation.

  goonerbill 00:01 02 Feb 2004

you say that you have two stick of mem. one runs at 333mhz and other at 400mhz and you say that they are pc3200. the 400mhz is pc3200 but the 333mhz is pc2700 not pc3200. if you are running both sticks at 400mhz this will give you problem, also, running different speed mem together is not advisorable as this will also give you problems (read this on some web site).

also the psu is probably not giving you enough power for what you have in ya pc. i have a 450watt psu in my pc (runs perfectly)and slightly lower spec cpu, 512mb mem and msi fx5900 and was told by the makers of my mobo (gigabyte) that a 550watt psu would give the best performance.

maybe a 550watt psu would be best. maybe you could test one in you pc to see if this helps sort the problem.

  Megatyte 02:22 02 Feb 2004

"the ram i have is 2 sticks of ddr pci 3200 one is 333fsb and the other is 400fsb. the guy fixing my pc said it works fine when the processor and ram are like tuned down a bit, but when put to there original settins the blue screening error occurs"

I think that you've answered your own question.


  chrisinireland 13:24 02 Feb 2004

What do u mean lol i dont get u,
if the processor os runnin at a lower speed like 1,85ghz it seems to work ok but when he puts it to the original and proper settings running at 2.18ghz it seems to mess uo and give a blue screens and memory dumps, explain to me please.

  chrisinireland 18:43 02 Feb 2004

And this is the fan im using, the full copper base is about the size of a boxers fist, so i think its big enought,

click here
this has to be the best fan ive ever had and its silent and runs alot faster than most fans.

and for the power supply the guy fixing it has a 480watt and hes gonna try that and give me a ring tomorrow, so hopefully my problem is solved.

  R4 19:09 02 Feb 2004

Try running the all RAM at the lower speed ie: 333fsb, its doesn't do to mix the speeds.

As for the PSU fit the highest power and quality you can afford, prefer 550W myself.

  chrisinireland 20:10 02 Feb 2004

what do u recon about this power supply and they deliver to ireland

click here

i think this would be good enough and its not dear at all,

  R4 20:24 04 Feb 2004

Spec Seems quite good, should meet your requirements adequetely

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