power supply blown in compaq evo

  paradiddle1984 16:49 14 Oct 2005

my pc, i think its an evo d500 or d510 has lost its power supply and its about 70quid for a new one so i thought about buying a new case and a new board (the evo boards wont fit because they are small form ones).

What are some good websites for pc parts?

  PC Bilbo 17:48 14 Oct 2005

Here's a couple of suggested sites:

Novatech click here

& Aria click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:57 14 Oct 2005

Just bought a new case and powersupply,

Pirtek comp no boot because the PSU was blown, PSU shorter than normal and a small board and case. hence cheaper to buy case and PSU together (£25).

Case was marked for fitting 4 different size boards and when bits swapped over the board looked lost in the case but by was it easy to fit drives etc. with plenty of room to get your hands in.

  woodchip 18:09 14 Oct 2005

You may have to make modifications to the Motherboard Mountings to fit in new case

  paradiddle1984 20:28 14 Oct 2005

Im at a bit of a loss when it comes to technical things.

Id like to purchase something similar to what I have now because I dont do anything fancy on my pc really, just download music and chat to friends on msn.

My current motherboard is a p4 with 2.4 ghz pentium processor. It has 1 agp port and 2 slots for my ddr ram and also a slot that accomodates the housing for my pci gfx card and 56k modem that i dont even use anymore.

I dont need stupid performance really i would be more than happy with a similar board that would fit in a normal sized case that allows me to use my existing hard drive, ram etc etc.

Can someone please make a recommendation of a motherboard to me?

  Totally-braindead 22:30 14 Oct 2005

If you don't want anything fancy and are willing to use you existing hard drive etc then how about one of these click here they come already assembled and all you have to do is plonk in your hard drive, cdrom etc and you can use your existing mouse, keyboard etc. One warning though, because your hard drive has the drivers on it for the old motherbaord etc it would be better to format the hard drive and reinstall everything from scratch. Its not differcult and if you're unsure of how to do it someone can give you detailed instructions. Also be aware that the windows version you have, presuming its a Compaq disk probably will not install on a new setup. Therefore you would have to budget for a new Operating System, Windows XP Home (OEM) if you buy it at the same time would be about the £60 mark. Also depending on which of the bundles you went for , if it doesn't have integrated graphics you would also have to buy a graphics card, about £40-50 perhaps though you can get cheaper. Alternatively you could use the PCI graphics card you seem to have.

  Totally-braindead 22:37 14 Oct 2005

Should have also said, if you just want a barebones you could try this click here but be wary in case you buy one that will not fit in your case, also its worth mentioning that any RAM you have will probably not work in a new motherboard. It might but it might not. Cheapest solution is probably to get a new power supply if you can accuratly identify it, my neighbour PCs power supply blew up, he took it to a shop and they said you couldn't get that type of power supply anymore as it was a specialist item. Sort of true, you can get them, it was an old Tiny PC with a Micro ATX power supply, cost £32. I think the price you are quoting is probably from Compaq and you should be able to get one cheaper somewhere else. Good luck with thatever you decide to do.

  woodchip 22:41 14 Oct 2005

You will not be able to fit the Hard Drive and GO. Drivers for Mobo will differ. And if you do not have a full XP disc then I would forget the above and Just Go for a New Case and PSU

  paradiddle1984 22:56 14 Oct 2005

Ideally I think I'm going to need a new case and board. I cant even find the section of the compaq website where I can order the relevant part. If I could do that, I think I'd just order a replacement power supply

  Taff36 08:05 15 Oct 2005

click here for a parts description and numbers. Search on google or the compaq site for 244166-001

  jack 08:53 15 Oct 2005

The short story for a disabled proprietary machine thats is a bit long in the tooth or no longer made,and not being a very techical persons is total replacement.
Buy a new base unit from any of the suppliers mentioned- and take the drive out of the old machine to use as a slave -
If you go this route - when you are ready come back here with a new thread -'How do I----? which has been covered many times already- It would so possibly work out cheaper

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