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  5starred 02:00 02 Mar 2007

I am currently having a problem when I am working on my laptop using the ac power supply. For no reason every now and then the battery sign comes up to indicate that I am working on battery only even though I am still working on ac supply. I have cleaned the ac supply and made sure there is no dust to where it connects but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I have managed to get the battery to charge back up when to the laptop goes on flat surface that seems to be ok.

Any ideas to what the problem might be?

This is the laptop in question.
click here

  STREETWORK 07:33 02 Mar 2007

Could be a loose or ill-fitting connection inside the laptop. Also check the plugs are sound...

  5starred 10:17 16 Mar 2007

still having problems - could there be a fault with the power pack?

  wee eddie 10:29 16 Mar 2007

on another Laptop. Most Packs have an Output voltage on the sticker on the back.

All you have to do is use it with a Laptop with the same voltage input.

However STREETWORK's analysis is most likely and often difficult/expensive to cure.

  Technotiger 10:36 16 Mar 2007

Hi, yes, it is very possible for the power supply to die - a replacement is not too expensive. It happened to mine once. Also connection in laptop as already mentioned, but it can be repaired.

  Technotiger 10:37 16 Mar 2007

PS - is the laptop still under guarantee, mine was, got free replacement.

  5starred 15:19 17 Mar 2007

No its 2 year old I never bought an extended warranty maybe its time to look into one

  wee eddie 16:03 17 Mar 2007

is that it is frequently connected directly to the Mother Board which means that if it breaks. The problem could be expensive.

There are stories, here, of many £'s and replacement Mother Boards, and also, of folk wielding their own soldering iron and succeeding. However soldering directly onto the Mob is fraught with risk and a small slip, or overheating, the board can destroy it.

  5starred 16:08 17 Mar 2007

Think I'll just have to bear it for now

  5starred 20:19 03 Apr 2007

The problem seems to be getting worse. Called a few pc repairers today and all but one said that they wouldn't touch it as it is very complicated to do.

One company did say they would look at it £25 to look and then whatever the cost would be. Just wondered if anyone had theirs soldered and if so did it work and how much did it cost.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:02 03 Apr 2007

The cost is high as labour cost is min £35 per hour.

The soldering is easy, its stripping the laptopdown and rebuilding again that takes the time.

You can buy the sockets very cheaply if you want to replace it yourself.

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