power supply

  carver 20:27 01 May 2004

I've got a Q-TEC 400w psu, the problem is every now and again the pc might freeze up or a game will crash. The only way I can check the psu output is in the BOIS or by running Aida32, the outputs are, 12v is giving 11.75v, 5v is giving out 4.25v and the 3.3v is giving out 3.41v. Would this output give any of the problems I've described above or could there be another problem. O/S is XP, with a 3200+barton, 2 80gb hard drives, FX5900XT graphic card, gigabyte GA-7N400-L MOBO. CPU temp is rarely above 54c on full load and mobo temp is about 32c. Any ideas would be be extremely welcomed(rude ones will be discounted)

  LastChip 20:54 01 May 2004

If those readings are accurate, your power supply is well out of spec. and could be causing the problems you described.

When I refer to "if the readings are accurate", I don't mean your capability of reading them, but whether the various sensors are giving accurate information.

To give you some idea of a comparison, I just checked mine and came up with the following;

3.3v = 3.41v

5.0v = 4.93v

12.0v = 12.19v

These are the sort of numbers I would expect to see and in particular, your 5v line at 4.25v is way off.

  carver 21:28 01 May 2004

The problem is I can only go on the info given by the BIOS, this PSU is only about 6 months old and at the time I wasn't too well informed about the variety or quality of different psu's. To me a psu is a psu and I thought a 400w would be more than sufficient, so it's off to the shops I go. This is one of the problems with buying over the internet if you send it back, what do you do without a power supply.

  woodchip 21:29 01 May 2004

That being the power on post also. i.e. 5volts

  carver 21:34 01 May 2004

? can you lengthen your answer just a little bit.

  citadel 21:38 01 May 2004

If you have a lot of stuff installed it pays to have a top quality power supply, a zalman or antec are best. They cost more but are worth it.

  woodchip 21:38 01 May 2004

When you start your computer it beeps once that is the the post which meens you have got good 5 volts power to comp but you may be having probs starting with only a 4.25 volts post

  carver 21:45 01 May 2004

Thanks for the answer, I learn something new every day, when I power the p/c up I do get a single beep but until the XP screen comes on my monitor just flickers.

  woodchip 21:53 01 May 2004

Avoid Q-TEC cheap and nasty, my opinion for what it’s worth.

  carver 22:00 01 May 2004

Now you tell me!

  woodchip 22:08 01 May 2004

You will see a lot of Q-TEC at computer fairs. I bought a renamed Mercury as a silent Fan 500Watt with a slow running 5" fan blowing air into the PSU and out the back

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