power supply

  chris-266733 16:49 17 Jan 2004

my power supply has just died on other computer is it worth buying new one or getting another case i have seen a jeantech in pc world anybody any advice on this

  Jester2K 16:56 17 Jan 2004

Well it depends on how much you want that case. if you just want a PSU get a PSU. If you want the case get the case.

  kjrider 16:56 17 Jan 2004

Depending on the age of your computer, it probably is worthwhile.

Take out your old PSU (after you have taken the case sides off, and unplugged all the leads, it is held in usually by 4 screws at the back.)

If you can get to a Computer Fair, you will probably be able to get one for a tenner, if not, you will have to apy a bit more.

I assume that you have checked that it is the PSU, and that fuses haven't blown, or that the leads and switches are OK?


  961 17:00 17 Jan 2004

Cases inc PSU are not expensive. Novatech have them from £17 up. Get 350w min

If you can stand the hassle it may be worth it but it is also true to say that the fiddle of transferring everything is a bind even if something doesn't get broken in the process

So, if the case is ok, my hamfistedness would lead me to just replace the PSU. They aren't expensive

  holly polly 17:06 17 Jan 2004

gday how much is the case with psu? its just that there are some really beefy ones here ,that should loaf along with ease ,check out the price aginst the case ,and make your own decision accordingly ,what wattage is the psu in the case ,i myself would be inclined to go for the a new beefier psu ,though you shouldn't push the psu to its limits ,you can rest assured that there will be plently in reserve to cope with most or indeed all the tasks you throw at it ,also though not all cases sometimes come supplied with poor quality psu ,these are made to a budget ,and some rarely reach the specifications quoted -hench you gets what you pay for -regards -hol pol.....
click here

  Sheila-214876 17:18 17 Jan 2004

I think I would also go for a new case. Check out the Q-TEC ATX with PSU and 2 Front USB ports £25 from click here select Products scroll down a bit and select Cases. If you have USB headers on your motherboard not being used you can connect them to the front and gain 2 more USBs.

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