Power sockets in room trip fuse box when PC

  Audio~~Chip 15:54 12 Nov 2009

is powered on. Everynow and again on a new self built machine using a 600w Modular PSU, Asus P5QL SE motherbaord, 4GB DDRII 1067MHz, x1 SATAII HDD, x1 DVD Wtr, x1 PCI Express 512MB Graphics Card and WinXP.

This happens, I can switch on the mains at wall before powering on the Computer and the wall sockets all loose power and the fuse box trips out. Their is no fault with the House power or Fuse box, its a random thing when this happens but a pain having to go and switch the Switch in the fuse box under the stairs.

My other machine and Laptop in the same room on the same circuit doesn't do this and never has, very odd.

  BRYNIT 16:25 12 Nov 2009

? How do you know you do not have a fault with your house wiring.

The fault could be anything from a loose wire, faulty plug socket/switch or even a faulty MCB. It could also be the power cable to your computer could be faulty.

1. Try a new power cable.

2. Try the computer at a different socket.

3. If you are using the computer downstairs try it upstairs as the are usually on a different fuse.

If you still have a problem it could be the power supply.

  johndrew 16:26 12 Nov 2009

It may be the trip circuit is weak. On the other hand you may have a problem with a socket or the PC. Given your comment I should check the PC supply and internal wiring carefully and calculate exactly what the maximum loading is that you are drawing on the circuit - or get an electrician to check it out fully.

  Snec 16:53 12 Nov 2009

My wife was having this problem and the fault was traced to a surge protector. Are you using a surge protector?

  Audio~~Chip 18:50 12 Nov 2009

I have had another 2 machines on the same socket and power lead, I have also changed the Power Cable. The PSU is a decent Coolermaster RealPower 700w (Not 600w, sorry) and I have replaced the 7yr old surge protector with a new Belkin SurgeMaster.

Re Fuse box, Electician fitted new about 2 years ago. I have also tried a different socket.

It seems to clear all apart from something like the PSU that may be the culprit, will source another PSU and run it but changing it will be one hell of a job as the Noctua HSF and Motherboard will have to come out first cos its a big one.

  Spark6 19:31 12 Nov 2009

From the details posted, including change of power supply lead, I reckon you have an earth leakage problem on your machine. Let us know the outcome!

  Audio~~Chip 20:16 12 Nov 2009

not sure how to diagnose a Earth Leakage apart from trying a different PSU for a week or two. I am going to change it over to Windows 7 Pro 64bit in the next day or two and use the machine to see what happens with another PSU in it. With it been intermittant/random the worse kind to have its when it happens again. Time will tell.

  Spark6 20:48 12 Nov 2009

When you say that 'the fuse box trips out' I think you're referring to the RCD (residual current device) in the consumer unit. If this is so, a small current detected flowing from the neutral connection to the earth connection on your computer would be sufficient to cause the 'trip'. The PSU would be the first component to check out especially if it is second hand.

  Audio~~Chip 23:25 12 Nov 2009

which is on a new build Quad 9550 based CPU, and hardly used. I power the wall socket on, then surge protector and ocassioanlly all the power sockets in this room cut out. powering of my other machine which runs mostly 9:00am-23:00 but not Light switches.

My Dad say's the room is on its own circuit and that is why it only cuts out the wall power outlets in my computer room/office.

When the power is cut out the fuse box needs to have the switch for this room clicked back. Apparenlty its called the MCB which is like a electrical fuse.

The PSU is new from Ebuyer (currently PC Pro A listed or 5 star rating)

Nothing in the machine is second hand, its all new apart from the dust from a few dust particles starting to form on the outer of case. lol

Thank U Spark for following my post!

  RobCharles1981 23:34 12 Nov 2009

A Similer problem I had a while ago.

It wasn't the PC that was causing this problem, a faulty wire in my house was the blame for some reason.

The Shower Wire was coming underneath the Bath near a pipe which set the tripper off very inconvenient when you are having a shower!

We got an Electrician (A Friend of the Family) to route this cable else where the problem solved!

  Spark6 23:42 12 Nov 2009

OK. As it is the miniature circuit breaker (MCB) tripping your problem is either a short circuit, live to neutral, or an earth fault, live to earth. I would guess that the MCB that is tripping is, or should be, rated at 13 amps and the fuse in the computer power lead should be no more than 5 amps. You need local advice/assistance in my opinion.

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