Power shutoff while in Games after update

  george36 14:12 12 Mar 2009

Hello everyone, many thanks for your patience and help: )

I did an upgrade for my PC yesterday, which include:

1) Motherboard updated from ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 Socket 775 to MSI NEO-F IP43

2) Added one more SATA 500GB harddrive, before there was only one 200GB SATA

3) added 2GB more memory, so now there are total 4GB for the PC

everything went out fine during the POST and boosting, but i did notice that in the Windows when i was trying to open documents, i didn't notice any speed increase, as it supposed to be with the memory upgrade. Then i opened a game, World of Warcraft, on my old system it roughly take about 50sec to load the game, for this new one it almost take 2 mins, in the game the framerate is very unstable, pretty smooth thise second, then jumpy that second, then it could turn to be smooth again, after roughly 8-9 mins in game, the PC shut it self off.

Later i tried Dwan of War 2, also very long loading time, unstable graphic result, shut down PC after few mins

My major concerns are: 1st, why the PC shut it self down, and i have to press the Power button to restart it ; second, why there isn't any improvement by the memory upgrade.

My suspicious are:

1) my old PSU's not up to the new job, it's a Casecom Silver 500W ATX Power Supply - 20+4pin ATX12V 4x Molex
but it worked really well in the old system, will the change of a MB, 1 extra Sata HD and 2GB memory give it so much workload than before?

2) that i didn't apply Thermal glue between the CPU and heatsink, but it wasn't in the old system either

3)i didn't fomart and reinstall my old harddrive, but the new system recognize it with no problem, i did install the drivers for the new MB, and reinstalled ATI 4850 video card drive

could you please help me to find out what could cuz the problem, and i'm really buffled why the game loading time seems take much longer than before even with a 2GB memory increase >

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