power settings on laptop?help!?

  moby58 23:02 23 Feb 2006

what settings should i have my power options on?ive got a compaq laptop-use it for leisure,on a daily basis...always plugged in-rarely unplugged using batteries..what are the settings for "plugged in" and "running on batteries"??ive got "monitor""hard disks""system standby""system hibernates",under the heading "when plugged in" and under the heading"running on batteries"...any standard guidelines please?ive got variations selected at the moment,but not sure about them.id like monitor to saty on for maybe an hour at a time,but not sure what hard disks and standby and hibernates are?!user friendly language please.thanks in advance!

  ade.h 23:33 23 Feb 2006

This is what I use:

For mains -

Monitor 20mins

Hard-disk 20mins (if it's not spinning, it's not wearing out)

Standby 3hrs (in case I forget about it)

Hibernate 4hrs (ditto)

Then for battery -

Monitor 3mins (essential power saving)

Hard-disk 10mins (ditto)

Standby 20mins (same reason)

Hibernate 30mins (in case I forget about it again)

Just a rough guide.

  ade.h 23:35 23 Feb 2006

Oh, and don't rely totally on hibernation; Windows must perform a proper shutdown reasonably regularly for stability/tidyness/etc.

  moby58 08:40 24 Feb 2006

thanks for the info...shall give it a try...any more suggestions anyone?thanks

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