Power problem with Belkin router

  mariekevink 20:20 20 Apr 2007


I have a Belkin F5D6231-4 wireless router.

I always switch all my equipment off at night so I did last night as well. But this morning, it would not come on again when I flicked the switch on the power socket.

I changed the power adaptor but no luck. The thing was dead. Then I used an adaptor with 12v output instead of the 9v that belongs to the router. Then all the lights came on and the thing seemed to work again.

The only thing between last night and this morning is that, for the first tim ethis morning, I had also plugged in my Wii when I flicked the power switch at the socket. Could a power surge have killed my router?

It is clearly not the adaptor that is broken but something inside the router does no longer work with a 9v adaptor but does work with a 12v adaptor.

Should I keep using the 12v adaptor, have the router fixed or just buy a new one?

Hope this makes sense to somenoe.

  T0SH 21:11 21 Apr 2007

It may well be the 9 volt adaptor has failed (in my experience a not uncommon occurance with Belkin power supplies) and although the router will work with your 12 volt adaptor it will run much hotter and this could dramatically shorten the lifespan of the internal electronics in the router

Try getting a replacement 9 Volt adaptor from somewhere like Maplin Electronics, the important information to source a replacement is available from the old adapter like 9 Volt @ 1000 mAmp or so and polarity markings like + on the tip

I have used Maplin Model VN10L to replace various failed DC adapters it is multi voltage 1.5 v to 12 v in 7 steps rated to 1200 mAmp it comes with multiple connection tips ,they are a fairly chunky unit at 6" x 2.5" brick but seem to last forever and do not cost the earth

click here

They have local stores in most areas

Cheers HC

  mariekevink 09:18 23 Apr 2007

Well, I have tried a different 9v power adaptor and it does not work. That is the whoel point. it does not work with ANY 9v adaptors anymore but does work fine with a 10v or more. So the problem is with the machine, not with the adaptor. Hence my confusion......

  JJCUK 12:11 23 Apr 2007

contact belkin for a replacement all their gear has a liftime warranty and they are pretty good, I have had 2 psu replacments for my router from them over the years

  mariekevink 17:16 23 Apr 2007

Lifetime warranty? that's not bad. Will get in touch and let you al know.

  mariekevink 13:54 16 May 2007

Indeed it is fab. I sent my router in the post and within 6 days, I had a brand new, shiny one delivered to me. I went from a xxb to an 54g mimo router totally free of charge. My network is now nice and fast.

Long live Belkin.

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