Power Point "Use Presenter View"

  Diemmess 13:43 04 May 2013

Never tried PP before and have produced a slideshow of sorts after a struggle . Will eventually be displayed on a projector (borrowed), so at present using a laptop with an extra monitor instead.

Both monitors show the same, but there is a facility to show Use Presenters View.

In short, how do I incorporate the Presenter's View, which I suppose will allow me to see prompts which don't show on the eventual Big Screen?

I have been round and round in circles with the Help item but found nothing to tell me exactly which buttons to press!

  Woolwell 14:16 04 May 2013

Which version of PowerPoint?

The basic principles are the same though. Use extended desktop instead of clone ie the picture on the extra monitor is not the same as on the laptop. Then under slideshow you choose show presentation on monitor or projector (2nd display) and tick the box use presenter view. This is very useful for seeing notes, etc.

  Diemmess 14:45 04 May 2013

Thanks Woolwell, mighty fast response. May I take this thread a bit further please?

PP is - Office 2007.

I think I noticed "extended desktop", but of course can't find it now! Can you give a pointer to those magic words?

I'm summoned to help the head gardener, so a pause doesn't mean I've lost interest

  Woolwell 15:06 04 May 2013

You need to use the laptop's graphics properties to set up extended desktop. It can often be done using one of the function keys too but I prefer using graphic options. The easiest way is probably to right click on the laptop screen and choose graphics options - output to, etc.

When you've set that up then on the ribbon, slideshow tab you should see show presentation on and choose monitor. Tick the box for presenter view and it should work.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:13 04 May 2013
  Diemmess 18:28 04 May 2013

That's given me something to think about!

So far I do not have my own projector, only the promise of the loan of one, so I have to 'borrow' this desktop's monitor to use as the second one, which means a long winded process to try and then scuttle back to the desktop for better speed and feeling at home!

May be I won't have time until the weekend is over but I will try your ideas, though I think some of the prompts are either missing or presented differently from what I expected to find.

  Diemmess 19:09 06 May 2013

It all works now (Sunday morning) thanks to you both. I tried both your posts and made one mistake on a final run. Where I was offered on the extended desktop a choice of Laptop + Monitor,or Monitor + laptop, I chose the wrong one!

At least the error was obvious and I can try a test run with the borrowed projector, once its lender has returned from wherever he is over this weekend.

Success and I have enjoyed this marvellous weather today - outside.

  Woolwell 11:34 07 May 2013

Good luck with the presentation.

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