The power out strikes back.......

  Sketch 20:59 02 Jul 2003

Its NOT a graphics card issue! Madness. I reinstalled my old card last night and it is still powering out and rebooting of its own accord. (Even with my new 400W PSU) Interestingly enough, it has happened most when using Evidence Eliminator, which is quite a thorough disc scouring program.

I wonder. Could someone please tell me what are the signs of a 'dead disc', or at least a dying one. Are the symptoms above, testament to a dying disc? And if not, what in the hell is going on in there?!

Thanks for your time.


  sil_ver 22:21 02 Jul 2003

Have you checked that your CPU heatsink is in good contact with the die. It might be worth removing both the heatsink and CPU then refitting them with a good quality paste.

  sil_ver 22:26 02 Jul 2003

A dead disk would normally show up at bootup by saying something like 'disk inaccessable' or some sort of error message. I wouldn't expect it to power off whereas a overheating CPU would.

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