Power or CPU?

  mav72 10:54 28 Jan 2007

First post so I hope this is descriptive enough?

As you can guess - registered because I need some help. :-)

I have a fujitsu Seimen scaleo Tix. I have been having some temperature issues and downloaded speedfan - it said my temp_2 has problems and is running at over 80c !

So decided to take the case off and look at the fan on the CPU and PSU. Both were working but quite slow and the PC case was very dusty. I removed the CPU heatsink and fan, cleaned it all up and then put it all back.

PC will now 'blink' when I turn on. The blue indicator light, CPU and PSU fans start but then everything stops after less than 1 second. I left over night and then symtoms remain.

Does this sound like the power unit or something else?

Time and attention appreciated.

  howard64 11:00 28 Jan 2007

did you clean the cpu and then put some heat transfer goo on it to make the proper connection. I assume not and the heat generated is not getting away you could even have cooked the cpu by now.

  mav72 11:09 28 Jan 2007

The CPU is stuck to the copper inset within the heatsink. I didn't remove the the CPU, just cleaned out the dust and replaced. There is such a good connection between the back of the CPU and the heatsink - i'm not sure I could get it off even if I wanted to.


  pk46 11:16 28 Jan 2007

Is the heatsink seated correctly??

  mav72 11:21 28 Jan 2007

It all seems to be seated well. When putting back it seemed to slide home quite nicley - would it be obvious if it was seated incorectly?..

Would I also expect to see the Blinking probelm when I turn on?

  howard64 11:23 28 Jan 2007

I am quite surprised as normally with the heat sink in place you cannot release the zif lever to remove the cpu which made me assume you had removed the heat sink from the cpu. If you did remove the cpu without separating it from the heat sink double check you have got it back in position without bending any of the pins. If this is ok it could well be that the psu is dying - enough power to light the leds but not enough to run things.

  gudgulf 11:37 28 Jan 2007

If you have simply pulled the cpu/heatsink off the mothrboard you will not have been able to release the clamp locking the cpu in place.

This is not the same as the clips holding the heatsink down.

You need to have removed the heatsink separately to gain access to that clamp.

I'm afraid there is a very large chance you have damaged the cpu.You need to remove the cpu again(more carefully this time) and look underneath it,as howard64 suggests to check for damaged pins.

  mav72 12:35 28 Jan 2007

Thanks guys.

There are a couple of pins at odd angles - so I guess that's it for the CPU. (tries to solve one problem and creates another!)

The CPU seems welded to the heat sink and there's no way I can separate when off the mother board - let alone whilst in place.

I guess you should always remove the CPU with the leaver?

Does it sound like new CPU and PSU time?
If so - any recomendations?


  howard64 12:52 28 Jan 2007

with a thin bladed knife with luck you can straighten the pins out. Your best bet is to carefully separate the cpu from the heat sink again a thin bladed knife should do this as the heat sink paste can become a little bit like the silicon put around a bath etc. It needs a careful slicing action. Once separated and cleaned off you can then lift the lever and carefully reseat the cpu. You will then need a small amount of heat sink paste between the cpu and heat sink. When I bought mine it came with a plastic shield which you place on the cpu and then fill the gap with paste and draw a straight edge across to just leave the correct amount in place.

  mav72 20:43 30 Jan 2007

Howard64 - thank you.

I had nothing to loose so an old kitchen knife and a pair of tweesers were put to use.....success.

The heat sink came off and it looks like they must have used cement. Any way The pins were straightend using the tweesers and some new heat sink paste went on. Reboot and away we go.

CPU now running at about 50c instead of nearly 90 !

I think I'll get acouple of extra fans - can't hurt.

Thanks again.

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