power options

  chippy+ 11:54 06 Jan 2011

I have 6 pcs on a home network could I have some opinions on power options properties and settings all pcs are desktops and running xp home thanks


  howard64 09:57 07 Jan 2011

are they all running all the time? Are they all in use all the time? Probably the simplest thing is to allow hibernation on the remote ones that are not used too much. With my home pc network I only switch those on that are needed the rest are completely off.

  rickd 11:02 07 Jan 2011

I did some tests recently on power usage. While idling, my PC uses around 200 watts, 30 of which are the monitor. Left on 24/7 that would run to around £200 pa. With the monitor off it would be 170 watts, but alarmingly, putting the PC into standby mode only drops power usage by just another 20 watts - still 150w - if left on in this mode thats around £150 pa. So, with 6 pc's you would be spending nearly a grand pa just to have the pc's ready to work in seconds. In hibernation power usage is minimal.
So, I always hibernate or, more often turn my 3 pc's off completely when they are not in use for more than an hour or so - modern pc's can handle frequent boots and don't take that long and I can find better usage of money (not to mention saving polar bears, coral reefs etc...!). Moreover, if the PC is off, then there's no problems if there's a power cut/surge.

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