Power lead help please..

  nick_j007 16:34 17 Oct 2005

Hello all,

My 3Com modem was dead with no lights on so I pulled out the socket from the wall. The longer neutral pin on the plug was so seriously tight it fractured at the base on the way out, and has consequently snapped off...great.
You can view the plug here click here
What I want to know is, can I go to a large B&Q for example and pick an 'all in one' type replacement that will have the correct socket size and out power etc? Or anywhere else for that matter!

Thanks as always.


  sattman 16:45 17 Oct 2005

Are you using this in the UK and are you plugging this into an adaptor?

  nick_j007 16:51 17 Oct 2005

Hi. Yes i'm in the UK.
I should have said that it's number 6 on the list of my link sorry.
This unit is an adaptor that plugs straight into the wall, and then into the 3Com router.



  Diemmess 16:51 17 Oct 2005

Could you explain please?

The picture in the link is a samll power supply unit plugged into a mains socket and it is the male to ordinary power socket that is broken?

I don't see where the 3 com modem comes into this. If it is a dialup modem it will only accept telephone connections. If it is Broadband then it is usually powered by the USB cable from the computer.

If the damaged unit is as shown in the link, it is probably safer to throw it away and look to a website or Maplins to replace it.

If the longer pin is plastic then it only serves as a locator and after removing the bits from the wall socket (with power OFF at the meter)could be used again.

  Diemmess 16:54 17 Oct 2005

PS Understanding dawns! It is a router power supply and without that centre earth pin you probably wont be able to insert it past the safety guards anyway! Replace it.

  nick_j007 16:56 17 Oct 2005

The plug itself reads...
Switching Power Supply
Input 200-240. 50/60Hz 0.4A
Output +12V----1.25A

This will mean a little more to you than me I expect :-)


  nick_j007 16:59 17 Oct 2005

I will replace it Diemmess thanks.
I'm hoping to avoid a laborious process of hunting it down through 3Com, and wondered if such a unit was readily available elsewhere with the same spec.?
Any thoughts?

Thank you.


  PC Bilbo 17:04 17 Oct 2005

As it's a combined 3 pin AC plug & PSU the only safe thing to do is replace it with a new of same specification.

  jack 17:05 17 Oct 2005

The large pin which is metal on a normal plug and carries the earth line . In this case the unit is double insulated and has no earth as such so the pin is plastic simply to move the socket shield down.
As suggested if the pin remnant is still the socket itneed to be removed if other appliances use this socket.
However if the socket is dedicated to this item then you could probably, carry on using it.

Or you could remove the item as dicussed with the mains power off. If it is in one piece you could Araldite back to gether and sand it down a little so it is not such a snug fit.

Or buy a new power supply -if you can.

  Diemmess 17:27 17 Oct 2005

Have looked at Maplin, came very close, but seems discontinued!

I do recommend Novatech who if you phone will be able to say whether or not they can help. Their stock is limited but their desire to help is genuine.........
During Office hours 0870 112 0812.

  sattman 17:52 17 Oct 2005

I am still not sure what you are trying to do, the adaptor that you highlight looks very much like a US adaptor for connecting into a 120 Volt US style socket. What you should be using is the
DSA - UK Type which is shown far right at the bottom of your page.

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