power issue i think

  gingepaul 21:04 16 Apr 2004

hi there, i have just bought an AMD 2500+ barton chip, placed it in my working system, and video doesnt work ( i can hear the hard disk spin up, and optical drives are checked) but nothing else, so went back to my 2000+ thorghobread, and it worked again, my mobo supports the chip and i didnt get any message from the bios ( speaker normally gives a beep when post completes).
i've got 350 watt psu, running a 9700 pro, audigy 1, 160+120 GB maxtor hard disks, dvd rom, dvd RW, 1 gig 266 ddr and believe i need a new psu for this chip, but am not sure so i just want peoples opinion, if this seems out of the ordinary ill take the chip back.

  woodchip 21:28 16 Apr 2004

Have you set up the jumpers on the MOBO for the CPU, if any

  woodchip 21:28 16 Apr 2004

Have you set up the jumpers on the MOBO for the CPU, if any.

PS sometimes there are dip switches

  gingepaul 22:36 16 Apr 2004

sorry, i should have posted the spec of my mobo, its a MSI k7n2g, nvidia nforce 2 chipset, all pnp, no dip switches nor jumpers, and the FSB, DRAM clock etc is configurable in the CMOS, so its either a bad chip, or like i think underpowered, i know the 2500 barton needs more juice than the 2000 thoroghbread, but just want a second opinion really, never had this problem before u see.

  ade.h 23:04 16 Apr 2004

That power supply should be adequate; I use a 350w PSU with the same number of drives as your system. Your new CPU uses upto 69w and your old one uses upto 56w but those are peak ratings, so shouldn't affect it on boot-up.

  ade.h 23:06 16 Apr 2004

Got those figures from click here BTW. Could be useful for you to determine what power you might need.

  gingepaul 23:30 16 Apr 2004

cheers mate, ill have a look.
i also have an ADSL usb modem, and aver dvb tv card, forgot to mention them before.

  gingepaul 23:34 16 Apr 2004

just looked at that link ade.h, and im underpowered, i also forgot to mention the 4 case fans im running, added up it makes 380 watts, and i got 350, so off shopping for me.
been sort of wanting silent psu for a bit so its a good excuse. :) :(


  citadel 23:39 16 Apr 2004

the zalman zm400b has excellent reviews.

  gingepaul 23:45 16 Apr 2004

i'm gonna try that 2500 in me mates system, hes got a 450 watt psu, built it for him so he owes me a favour.
ill post when i know whats the matter, like i said cheers everyone.
oh and citadel i was looking into a zalman psu, got the flower heat sink, and graphics cooler, why not go the whole hog eh?

  ade.h 00:23 17 Apr 2004

Glad the site was useful; bear in mind that it allows for peak ratings, so you'd have to have every drive and device active at one time to stress your PSU. The Zalman flower is a top notch bit of kit, well worth the cost.

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