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  wky 17:40 12 Dec 2005

hi, on my hp laptop, I have set the power icon to always show in the taskbar and have had no problems with it before. But recently like, a day ago, it stopped showing when I boot my computer up and only shows when I go to the power options, disable it, then reenable it. Also, my power sometimes just drops, like by 1%. When it is like 95% as I have used it a bit and then put it back on AC power, it wouldn't charge, but if I totally drain the battery it charges. The charges are just on and off. lol I dont know what is going on, it is a new laptop too. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? thanks.

  ade.h 20:59 12 Dec 2005

No, much of what you describe is not normal. My 1 month old nx8220 does not have any battery or power issues.

The icon behaviour in the Notification Area is notoriously inconsistent; that's part of XP's "character" which many of us have to put up with. It's not necessarily the fault of the program or service in question.

I cannot say for certain whether the charging pattern that you describe is normal, but I expect that it is. If the capacity is around 95%, it does not really need to be charged. Lithium-Ion cells are best treated a certain way click here and that is likely to be reflected in the charging patterns.

To put your mind at rest, contact the HP technical support line and explain your concerns accurately and in detail; they are very helpful in my experience.

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