Power to fan in old Toshiba laptop

  greybeard 23:32 19 Dec 2006

Having got the old Toshiba satellite pro 400cs running again, the fan isn't.
Running that is.
Placing the vacuum cleaner over the outlet port keeps the laptop nice and cool, but I can't hear the radio with all the noise !
The laptop is powered from a mains adapter, and the original cmos battery has been replaced by three rechargeable aa batteries, and all is otherwise fine.
1. The fan gives an appropriate resistance measurement, and can run freely, so I assume no power to it.
2.Can anyone tell me what the voltage across the fan might be, and give me any ideas as to the circuit of supply to it.
Thanks in advance.

  greybeard 14:44 20 Dec 2006

OK, so I'll carry on talking to myself.
The fan takes 5v and works fine.
Is there any reason why I can't take 5v out of the power block and run the fan continuously, as soonas I connect the mains supply to the laptop ?

  amonra 19:18 20 Dec 2006

Try it and see ! If you connect to the 5v supply, make sure the polarity is correct so that it sucks rather than blows. (ie. the rotation is the right way)

  greybeard 19:40 20 Dec 2006

Hi amonra.
I confess to being an acolyte of Bast, but there you go.
The only drawback with the "try it and see" approach is the 50-50 odds.
I was hoping that someone could shorten them, but I'll have a go.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:42 20 Dec 2006

colour leads to fan?
red pos
black neg

  greybeard 20:16 20 Dec 2006

Hi fruitbat. No, the problem that I first was thinking about only having the fan on continuously, as adrain on the psu - I guess not a real problem.
I've already identified the polarity from the socket on the mb. The neg is common to other sockets.

  woodchip 20:56 20 Dec 2006

Yes just run a jmper wire. Only thing is the Fan will be on all the time

  greybeard 22:55 20 Dec 2006

Thanks all.

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