power up failure

  kellysbouncas@sky.com 09:48 25 Feb 2003

I have just completed building a new PC ran for 4 days no problems. Completed installing all the programs I normally use. Activated all XP programs & updated as well as antivirus/firewall etc
Shut down normally. But it will not start. Checked ram. checked everything but the power up button does not allow power to reach the motherboard. The 1st screen does not start nor do the fans. Is this a case button fault or where else do I look?
FIC EN19. 40G Maxtor 7200 all DDR settings were OK

  Gongoozler 10:02 25 Feb 2003

kellysbouncas, you can forget all the motherboard settings. If you are not getting any power to the motherboard, the problem is more basic than settings. The first thing to check is the conections relating to the power supply. Check the mains lead to the computer, the ATX power lead to the motherboard and the power on switch connector. Remember the power on switch doesn't actually route the power to the motherboard but is a remote switch that enables the power supply. If you are confident that the connections are good, then the next thing to do is to ensure that nothing is short circuiting the power supply. I think the only way to confidently do this is to disconnect everything from the motherboard, remove the motherboard from the case and stand it on an insulating mat (e.g. cardboard or plastic), and try to switch on again. If you still can't get any power through, then I think the power supply could be suspect. If you can get hold of a spare power supply I think you should try that before any of the more drastic steps I suggested above!

  woodchip 10:09 25 Feb 2003

If you have connected all the wires correctly to the motherboard you should have a power LED lit even when the power is of. So suspect the PSU or cables plugs etc to comp and as above connector to motherboard, but it could also be the motherboard itself

  kellysbouncas@sky.com 10:10 25 Feb 2003

I have a spare power supply 300W not 400W which is what is in. I will try that. Thanks

  kellysbouncas@sky.com 10:52 25 Feb 2003

fitted new spare 300W power suply insatant magic but after trying 6 times program kicks every 2nd time. Fans kick in every time. teething troubles or some connection I have missed?

  woodchip 11:36 25 Feb 2003

Glad to see you are in the area of the problem

  kellysbouncas@sky.com 12:49 25 Feb 2003

problem appears to be HDD formatted & partitioned in NFTS does not show drive to maxtor diagnostic program. the hdd is set to active partition. went back to dynamic setup update & will try that avenue. time is golden!
My thanks to you all for guidance

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